Monday, January 26, 2009

Sand Sculptures

Before our friend from Japan left to return to Japan, she, R, myself and the Ambo Chick went to see the sand sculptures at Frankston. We had a lovely day and the sculptures were most impressive. It is very near the intersection where there are pubs or bars on all four corners. Here area couple of random photos I took. Our Japanese friend has a much better camera and no doubt technique, hence her pictures were superior.


  1. They are terrific sculptures. Some people are so skillful.

  2. Those sand sculptures are way cool!

  3. Nicely labelled too Victor. As you can tell by the colour it is not normal beach sand.

    Too late for a school holiday visit Cazzie but I think it will be there for a while.

  4. Excellent stuff.

    "It is very near the intersection where there are pubs or bars on all four corners."

    As much as I regret to say it, if that was in Blighty all the drunks would have kicked 'em over or piddled on 'em within five minutes.

  5. that all-pubs intersection has the INFAMOUS Pier Hotel and Grand Hotel where a brawl is guaranteed and the manager never pays the band.
    Frankston is Bogan City.
    get ya drugs at the Cafe Choo-Choo opposite the station.

    the people who made those sand things musta bin on drugs.

  6. Anonymous12:37 am

    Thanks for the compliment! Your pics are good too. Vik.

  7. They're such talented artists it's almost a crime to let the sculptures be worn down by nature.
    Might drag FB down there to eyeball them...the sculptures, not the pubs and bars :P

  8. Danger of that here too Brian. They are fenced.

    Are those pubs still like that Ann? You should have mentioned about the cafe before I went. I could have stocked up.

    T'was a nice day, hey Vik.

    If FB is at all interested in dinosaurs, he will love it Jayne.

  9. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Yeah, it sure was a nice day!

    Last night I showed some of my sandsculpture photos to students; they all marveled at the level of artistry.

    Every winter there's a snow festival which includes snow sculpting. Some of these are amazing too, especially those at the most famous festival in Sapporo. Vik.

  10. Yep, I recall seeing pictures last year was it?

  11. Anonymous12:48 am

    Did I take the photos? If so, it would've been the Hirosaki snow festival as I've never been to the one in Sapporo. I'd like to go but it's much colder there!

  12. Can't recall Vik.