Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recommended reading #51or Australia Day #101

My Aussie Day post, the first. What we actually did, later.

Does this just not do your head in? Two lads, both brought up in Australia and not too distant from each other in age.

One paints a stunningly vivid picture an Australian scene that perhaps many of us idolise as being the quintessential Australia, populated by Aussie blokes and sheilas.

The other has an appearance to me as not feeling like he fits into this country so well.

If you want further reading on not fitting into Australia, have a read of a returnee's thoughts.

There was a time when I was younger that I imagined living in another country, a place where our dollar would buy cheap sex and servants, but that has long passed. I can truly now say, as much as I liked England and could certainly live there during the summer, so long as I could modify my residence to Australian standards, Australia is my country and this is where I belong.

Australia is made up of all the people linked in this post and yours truly, and then many others besides. While I rejoice that the old Australia remains, I love the new Australia too.

The old by Mutant.

The new and not feeling like he fits by Reuben.

The discontented returnee by Pants. (btw, I thought the bus ads were brilliant. Never get away with here)

Pour yourself a glass or brew yourself a cup, deep breath, breath out and relax and take your time to read these posts properly. They are worthy.

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  1. Thanks for the free advertising. I think I belong, but that's because I know no better.