Monday, January 19, 2009


I just love my QV shopping Centre. It is built on the site of the now gone Queen Victoria Women's Hospital.

Do I recall that an important bloke suffered a heart attack outside the building and there was an argument as to whether the hospital would administer emergency care?

There is a bit of the original that remains facing Lonsdale Street, surrounded by concrete and glass, and it looks great. The remaining bit still houses women's business.


  1. What type of shops are inside?

  2. "The remaining bit still houses women's business."

    It'll need disinfecting then.

  3. We are so fortunate in Melbourne to have such lovely buildings. This is one I have not noticed before.
    Prior to Christmas a gentleman collapsed outside on the road in front of my hospital. People rushed to his aide. I asked what is the procedure if someone collapses out on the road there. The answer was, call 000. Seems crazy right? If he were in our corridor, or in the foyer even, he would have had a code called on his, visitor or patient, no matter. Out on the road is different all together.
    Now I am going to find that building and look inside too :)

  4. Typical - women start a hospital for women as men think women are only interested in shopping, later male pollies get their mitts on it and it's a shopping centre :P
    Love that architecture.

  5. Within the building itself Victor are mostly community based women's groups. QV itself has all kinds of shops and places to eat and a supermarket and Big W. I like QV because it is partly made up lanes and is not completely enclosed.

    You can't say that Brian.

    I have heard of that situation before Cazzie, and yes, 000 is the answer.

    Proportions, not yours, are perfect Jayne.

  6. Have you seen the hospital from high above, wedged between the modern apartment blocks and shops? It's just amazing. I love the old buildings of Melbourne, and I love them even more when they are directly opposed to the new - as the QV Hospital is in this instance.
    Take a trip up to the Eureka tower and see if you can spot it from there.

  7. Not really Deb, but I have been up Eureka twice, and no doubt wrote about it at the time. I can get a mental visual though.

  8. Anonymous2:08 pm

    I spent most of my childhood hanging around this building! Dad used to work there; it wasn't a women's hospital then but a general public one. Many a weekend found me and my siblings running (quietly) through the corridors. We used to love visiting the maintenance department, deep in the bowels of the hospital. One of the workers kept a pet snake there until it was killed by a rat meant to be its dinner!

    If we weren't on hospital grounds, we could be found at the museum next door (now the State Library). It was free in those days and we knew every inch of the place. Vik.

  9. Great colour and movement Vik, thanks.