Thursday, January 08, 2009

A pleasant day

I wanted bacon and eggs, as if I haven't eaten enough pork in the last couple of weeks in the form of christmas ham, so we crossed the road to the cafe and had a nice breakfast with coffee and they have just started issuing coffee loyalty cards, so six cups and then a free one, the same as my other coffee card for The Wedge at QV.

New non functioning pc was delivered to computer shop and the owner apologised profusely for taking a two week holiday after two years without. So he should.

We picked up our friend from Japan and our ambo friend, after looking at the ambofriend's new abode just around from the corner from my sister.

We went off to the sand sculpture exhibit at Frankston, walked out on the pier and then along the bank of Kananook Creek for a bit. Took some photos, but I am not going to post any pictures until the new computer is working.

Back to Soul Mamas in St Kilda just in time for the hot food to go off the menu. It was nearly four and we all wanted some serious food, not salad and cake. We ended up at another cafe within the same area and we sat outside, a bit windy, and had the set lunch menu which was delicious. Two glasses of wine and we headed to the night market next to Luna Park. All the usual crap. I am over markets.

However, if you recall, there was going to be a new work of art for my bedroom wall and it just did not happen. The first time at Docklands, I wasn't sure if it was right. The next time when we went to buy it, the market was cancelled due to the weather. We drove in the last time and she was not there, although she should have been. I took it as an omen that buying the item would be a mistake and gave up.

But there she was, at the St Kilda night market and after seeking the two girls opinion, I bought it. I haven't put it up yet, but I will of course post a photo when I have.

Just chilled this evening. We have decided to take Little Jo to the Collingwood Children's Farm tomorrow. Now who said I sounded frustrated by things? They were perhaps correct, so if I see so much as a raised eyebrow when R and I and Little Jo ask for a family ticket for admittance tomorrow, they will get the full force of me venting my frustrations. I am looking for someone to take it out on, so be very kind to me at the moment.

Normal blogging with a mix may resume next week, instead of all this personal anxty stuff. Actually, I have notice I seem to photo post in blocks and then rave on in blocks........ah for god's sake, I will shut up now.


  1. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I've never really liked bacon and eggs...part of me being brought up in a vegetarian household.

    Collingwood Children's farm is a brilliant place - like CERES - but perhaps with even more atmosphere. I might be filming there one day soon.

  2. The personal angsty stuff is quite a nice change though!

    Over markets? After my last trip to the Queen Vic I've been reinvigorated. I was hunting for some chicken sausages that I'd had before and were excellent. I also found spicy beef with jalapenos. The trick I've found is to only go rarely.

  3. As a materialistic gay male, I was not very impressed with CERES Reuben. Fortunately they knew how to make coffee. I think I will like the Children's Farm.

    I would have thought it was boring if you did not know the characters Rob. But I think I know what you are saying. I teeter on the edge, like we all seem to nowadays.

  4. "We have decided to take Little Jo to the Collingwood Children's Farm tomorrow."

    Now that's just cruel. I'm sure that now she's domesticated you could find somebody willing to keep her as a pet instead.

  5. I expect after three hours of her company Brian, we will be inclined to leave her there.

  6. I'm hankering to hunt me down some croc and/or emu meat at the Queen Vic market for the tribe to chow on one night.
    Angsty posts are good for the soul and stop your bottom from looking big in anything you wear.

  7. Can't wait to see your new piece of art Andrew :)

  8. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Do you know Andrew, it took me a while to work out why you would even think to mention raised eyebrows over family tickets at the zoo. And then it hit me and I was even more surprised - angry, even - to think that such a thing could happen.

    And feel free to rant. Ranting if good.

  9. I will watch the online 'Breaking News' for headline
    "fracas at family farm" ...
    and my money is on You to prevail over dimwit pedants.

    I hope you have a lovely day.

  10. Do they taste a bit like chicken Jayne?

    Oh dear Cazzie. Maybe I have set expectations too high.

    Was not a problem at all MD. Not these days? Surely?

    T'was very nice Ann.