Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Party

As you know, I hate parties, unless I pretty well know everyone there. But we are going to a party tonight. How exciting.

I don't know how we know this chap, but we used to often eat in his restaurant in Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. He used to give us free port after dinner and sometimes asked us upstairs to where he lived. He had an amazing collection of Chinese artifacts and furnishings, all quite ugly really.

He was Vietnamese born and although he had been married and had a teenage son, he was very gay when we met him. We fell out of touch after he sold the restaurant. Out of the blue he rang the brother friends a couple of weeks ago and asked us to a party.

The brother friends enquired as to the health and age of his son, nothing to do with him being very nice looking. Expecting a reply that the lad was in his early twenties, they were and so am I, surprised to learn he is a thirty one year old solicitor. Where have the years gone.

Oh, yes, did I mention that the friend from the past now lives on the thirty sixth floor of a new city apartment building in Franklin Street?

Now R will get restless and want to move again if it turns out to be a classy place. I shall snobbishly point out to him that we at least, do not have a German owned supermarket at the base of our building.


  1. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Some parties I don't like...particularly if the people there are boring and unintellectual...or really really really small.

  2. "Where have the years gone."

    Frittered away on wine, song and the internet.

    Incidentally, Reuben...what have got against midgets?

  3. Party?
    Not another one, Andrew, you social butterfly :P

  4. Anonymous10:42 am

    Nothing Brian, but looking down on people can be a strain on one's neck...same for the said midget, I suppose.

  5. Anonymous12:17 pm

    What? You mean you don't want to live above an Aldi?

    Ah, the parties I used to attend in your building, Andrew. Usually hosted by some raucous irish girls. Yes, I can hear you grumbling already.

    Speaking of restaurant owners, we have recently discovered a brilliant new Indian joint on Lygon St, the Carlton Curry House. Run by the woman who used to own Nirankar in the city and an absolute pleasure. Highly recommend it.

  6. Weren't boring people Reuben, but certainly not intellectual.

    Quite right Brian, and what fun it was/is.

    Ha MD, that had slipped my mind. No surprise that Irish lasses would know how to party. That would be East Brunswick where all the other food places are?

  7. The parties I like Jayne are a gathering of friends and we have had a few of those.

  8. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Nope, it's actually down the city end, just up from the corner of Queensberry and Lygon.