Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Odd Street Lamp

Remember back when I posted about a rather odd gas street lamp in nearby South Yarra? And then there were these very old ones in Armadale and Balaclava I posted pictures of too. It has since been confirmed to me that the Fire Station one is an original and has been there for decades.

I came across another odd one, well actually a pair, one on each corner of the street. At least one reader will probably recognize the location. The posts are concrete and the lamp not in the photo is sitting at a jaunty angle. Looks like they are for the chop though. Sad really. There is clearly a bit of interesting history to them.


  1. Looks similar to a lamp I have seen before...I think it was at a caravan park we stayed at a couple of years ago..
    I love how you show people that there are things that are right under our noses, if people just look that little bit harder :)

  2. Anonymous10:14 pm

    I've seen that lamp before; it's in my crosshairs.

  3. yes wot Cazzie said.

    it's the corner with Hotham Street?

    there is probably no reason why the light needs to be removed.
    The privatised power company should have to answer to somebody for destroying our history.

  4. Could be a connection with the dead centre of that suburb or possibly a War Savings Bond street thingie.

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    It'll be very sad to see it go. Seeing such things, so out of step with what is now deemed 'usual' is always intriguing.

  6. I had forgotten that Cazzie, but yes caravan parks. In fact normal parks too.

    What pray dear Reuben are crosshairs?

    It is Ann. C'mon, you checked the street name. Fess up.

    Neither of those really add up to me Jayne, by the type of housing in the street.

    I like conformity MD. I guess that is why such things grab my eye.