Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Obnoxious Gays

I was on a tram last Sunday when I saw a guy running for the tram between stops. He did catch the tram because the tram took so much time to get past the Punt Road, and he stood on the step of the tram to hold it for his mates. Another was repeatedly tugging at the tram bell cord, no doubt driving the driver crazy. Funnily, they managed to run for the tram and kept their drinks in plastic wine glasses intact and unspilt, later plastic glasses dumped in the tram step well.

While I know str8 guys can be really bad when they have had a drink, is there any group more loudly obnoxious than a gaggle of over the top drunken gay guys?

They are among some really vile over the top vicious queens that can be seen about. I appreciate a bitchy queen. I can't bear these vile ones. I don't understand why the behave like this.

They were heading off to the Midsumma opening Carnival at Alexandra Gardens. Perfect weather for it. I can't remember if I went last year or not. If I didn't, it would be the first I have missed and this year's will be the second.

The event for us in recent years has been like going to a funeral or wedding, where you catch up with so many people, make sincere commitments to catch up soon, and never do.

More latterly it has been a case of seeing who is still alive or at least still around and participating in gay society.

I wish I could regret no longer bothering with such things much, or going out to bars, but I cannot.


  1. "I appreciate a bitchy queen."

    You should come and meet Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, Andrew. She's the biggest bi-atch (to coin an Americanism) of the lot.

  2. I am sure she could run the mile Brian, but surely outdone by her late sister.

  3. I'm still at a loss to distinguish between straights and gays. To be honest, I think all young men are bitchy and annoying...though they'd never admit it.

  4. Anonymous10:39 pm

    God you're a barrel of laughs aren't you. For the record, Carnival was fantastic. I went with a bunch of friends on the tram and we had a ball. And most of us are pushing 50, so lighten up sister - you could be dead tomorrow (or is that maybe what you want?)

  5. "I went with a bunch of friends on the tram and we had a ball."

    Ah...but whose ball was it?

    (Ducks and runs off behind the bike sheds sniggering.)

  6. "I went with a bunch of friends on the tram and we had a ball."

    That's something you rarely hear in Melbourne...I wouldn't think there'd be enough room for a fully-fledged ball.

    Sorry Brian...but that excerpt was brilliant.

  7. Used to love Carnival but haven't been the past couple of years because they wouldn't let me enter Janette Howard in Dulcie's Dog Show.
    Meow :P

  8. I avoided Midsumma this year for that very reason. Obnoxious queens have ruined it. All I want to do is be seen as a normal member of society, but after a 5 minute exposure to clowns like that it makes it hard to justify being a homosexual. I may not renew my subscription this year.

  9. An ongoing theme Reuben. Perhaps you will just suddenly get it, one day.

    Anon, you haven't been reading me for long if you aren't aware what an old grump I am. I am quite happy for the kiddies to have their day of fun. Just no longer feels relevant to me. Also, see response to Mutant.

    Now Jayne, I just got a mental picture of Jeanette down on all fours being pulled along on a leash. Wicked!

    C'mon Mutant. I am old, I am allowed to be grumpy. But you have a point, and there is a whole heap of gay guys and gals out there who feel very disconnected from such events, young and old.

  10. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Anon sounds like one of those vicious tram queens you are talking about Andrew. They just wunna keep on living in a gay gay world, not realising eveyone one else has moved on.

    More to life then the so called gay community - it's well and truly dead up here in Sydney.

    Syd Anon.

  11. Maybe Syd Anon. If I went with a group of friends and we had a good time, I may well agree with Anon. Melbourne's gay scene is not great but a friend was describing the present Oxford Street to me and I did not like the sound of it.

  12. Surreal to watch others drink and behave badly....the sober people just think it is balmy. Hell, when I did not have a drink and got up tp sng karaoke, back in the day, the drunks thought I was least I felt like a star for one night, LOL.

  13. You did karaoke sober Cazzie? I am astonished.