Thursday, January 01, 2009

NYE 2009

The morning of the New Year of 2009. Wishing you all a happy one.

We had a party last night. We don't normally have parties any more and I don't like parties either, so I will just call it a gathering.

R and myself, Sis, the Bone Doctor and Little Jo, the Brother Friends, the ex NT Politician, Dame M's Boarder and the straight Hairdresser chick, our visitor from Japan, and two dyke friends, one with her two Tassie nieces. That is 15, enough.

We trammed/walked to see the early fire works on the south bank of the Yarra River, back home, heaps to eat and drink and then watched the Albert Park Lake fireworks. Who puts these on? Anyone know? I used to think it was The Point restaurant, but I am not so sure.

Little Jo was not frightened by the bangs from the fireworks, just curious and she certainly took notice of the pretty colours in the sky.

By one o'clock, I was in bed and minimal hangover this morning.

But a nice and slightly trippy (is that word passe now?) thing happened to me at work yesterday.

I was not keen on this Anglo Indian guy who started at my workplace a few years ago. There was an arrogant air about him and a 'I am hot' swagger to him. He spoke perfect Australian I learnt later. Having never spoken to him, out of the blue when I was presented an award for my years of service, he came up to me and congratulated me warmly and we talked. I have not talked to him since except to greet him when passing.

Yesterday he had his back to me as I approached and as I passed, I just patted him on the shoulder and he called out hi as I continued on.

Now if you have been diligently reading my blog for a while, you will have worked a couple of things out already. Yes, I fancy him. I am totally in lust with him and also, he is one of those straight guys who I have suspicions about.

Just a few minutes after I patted his back, I was in a walkway alone and he came up and wished my happy New Year. His hand came out, I grasped it to shake and he pulled me to a hug. I felt his cheek on mine and if I continued, it would be along the lines of a draft copy for a Mills and Boon novel. I kind of broke away from him. We were in a public place and anyone could have opened a door. I don't care for myself, but he is a straight married guy with a wife and children, and more impotantly, some very conservative workmates.

As is the way, next time we see each other, we will pretend nothing happened and be nice and friendly to each other. But I won't forget how a pretty average year for me finished on a high note, well my ego certainly won't.


  1. Wow. That is very romantic.

    I don't think married = straight.

    Not at all.

    Anyway, happy new year to you.

  2. Some cultures can be repressive and cause the formation of more than the River Denial outside of Egypt.
    What a high note to end the old year on! Happy 2009 :)

    Waved at random people at Murrumbeena Park when I walked past the other day but I don't think you, R or Little Jo were amongst the ones who stared at the crazy lady lol.

  3. Nothing like a stolen moment to make you feel alive and beautiful, is there?

    Happy New Year, Andrew!

  4. Anonymous2:14 pm

    'Close encounters' eh Andrew? Sounds familiar.

    Anyway, hope you had a great NYE. Happy NYE.

  5. You still have it Andrew.... you have got to be flattered :)

  6. Only one conversation, other than passing hellos, over the years and now he hugs you cheek to cheek. No wonder you have your suspicions but more importantly you must still be a sex magnet!

  7. You are a wise person Dina. It has taken me many years to learn married does not equal straight.

    Sub continent Jayne. Keep on waving. We will be there one day. Expect you will recognise two old poofs with a kiddie.

    Stolen moment.....lovely words Daisy. Happy NY to you my sweet as well.

    Cheers Reuben and thanks for adding alternative perspectives at times. I have genuinely positive thoughts about what I see young people doing etc.

    I know is a cross I carry.

    I could generally say I have had enough sex to sustain myself with memories Victor, but he just works for me. Maybe he has caught me watching him in contorted positions when playing a pool trick shot, or when he leans back with his hands behind his head and stretches. I wanna marry him!

  8. Oh, thats actually very sweet and good on you for exercising some control and keeping it all professional. I wish I got a little co-worker affection before the end of the year but sadly all I copped was an eyeful of hot mechanic cock at the urinal - good enough I suppose!

    Happy new queer, Andrew!

  9. Hope he did not catch you looking Kezza. It was minimal self control. It was just such a public area and if anyone walked in..... But I am pleased it did not come to a natural conclusion. We both would have been disappointed.

  10. Moments like this are perhaps best left as they are. On the bright side you've now got whole new (perhaps not so new by the sounds of it) set of wank material with an endless range of outcomes.

    Happy New Year.