Thursday, January 08, 2009

Next Morning

After a decent night's sleep, I feel somewhat better than I did when I wrote last night.

We are taking our friend from Japan to see sand sculptures at Frankston. She has stayed the night with a friend who lives five minutes walk from Sister. Friend from Japan and her friend, the Ambo person, will both come to Frankston, then later as a measure of thanks, friend from Japan will take us to Soul Mama, a vego restaurant in St Kilda for a late lunch or an early dinner. I am looking forward to to that, as it is a great place.

Computer must be dropped off for repair and the whole day really revolves around when R can get an appointment to have his back manipulated. Usually I can work out how he hurt it, but not this time.

One slightly amusing moment from funeral day, I spied a hammock at my brother's place. Daniel thought his was a great place for a rest, so I thought I would give it a shot. Unlike Daniel's blokey way of getting into a hammock, I got in side saddle. Very nice. Then 16 year old niece decided to join me, top to tail. There goes the end of doze in the hammock.

There was much mirth at my expense as she had early stepped in dog crap in bare feet and I had her feet almost in my face. She assured me that she had washed them. She started swinging the hammock side to side, and crashed it into the wall of the shed beside the hammock. This hammock is not so relaxing.

Today is bill paying day, so better get stuck in. I should recall something about outgoings being 21 shillings and incomings being 20 shillings equals misery. But they did not have Visa or Mastercard back then.


  1. "...she had early stepped in dog crap in bare feet..."

    Everyone's got to have a hobby, I suppose. Just don't try the homemade wine round at her house, that's all.

  2. Anonymous9:51 am

    16 year old niece?

    I might become an uncle soon...though it's on my mum's side of the family who are generally fairly insane.

  3. Somewhere ... there is a family without drama, angst or irritation, which behaves logically and considerately.
    It is not mine, or anybody's that I know.

    and my outgoings are a guinea and my income is a pound and I care not.

    The jews have rained bombs down
    all night long
    on the arabs they have a concrete wall around.
    they had better stop bitchin about the nazis if you ask me.

  4. Wise words Brian, although peasant feet??????

    Very attractive niece Reuben, except I was sure her tits were going to flop out at some point. If they did, I wasn't watching.

    That was the original saying then Ann. At least our family don't fight among each other. Remember back to the days before the media started pushing the Jewish viewpoint and everyone had sympathy for Palestinians. There has been a lot of media manipulation. But then the less media savvy Palestinians don't help their cause either.

  5. Anonymous7:33 pm

    I'm gobsmacked. I never thought you old people were capable of making juvenile comments with as much skill as us teens.

  6. Anonymous7:38 pm

    I'm with Reuben. You hardly seem old enough to have a 16 year old niece, Andrew!

  7. "You hardly seem old enough to have a 16 year old niece, Andrew!"

    Far be it for me to point out how family's actually work, but I have known people who've got nieces who are older than themselves...

  8. I can be very crude at times Reuben.

    Sorry MD? My mother is 74 and I am the oldest son. Youngest brother's son, the one in Glasgow is nearly 22. I hate saying my age, but I suspect I could potentially have a child a bit older than you I think.

    Yep Brian, but it just to hard to work out.

  9. Anonymous9:50 pm

    But of course, Andrew, your comment begs the question: why mention it to me?
    Surely you have an ulterior motive?
    If you've been blogging for as long as I have, you tend not to believe in coincidence or flippancy.

  10. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I hope that didn't sound like an attack, but I'm seriously shocked by what you said.

  11. I mentioned it to you Reuben because you wrote 16 year old niece?. I assumed it was because of interest of twenty year old male in a sixteen year old, and not that you were surprised that I had a niece who is 16. Surely you know how old I am.

  12. Andrew, gay bois never age, they just wilt like blossoms.

  13. little pink blossoms.

  14. It's not for me to say what you do in your blog, Andrew. But I still think your remarks are a bit crude - considering you're speaking of your niece.

    Either that or my humor has become deadened over my dispirited outlook to the job market. I digress. Perhaps your niece is indeed smoking hot - and yes, your description was indeed...erm...interesting.

    Of R.H, I think you were being a bit complacent. I understand you probably think inbred vermin like him aren't worth getting into a fuss about. Fair enough. But I see it as a matter of sticking up for blogger friends like Brian and as a Queer Allie (yes, I was part of the Queer rights movement at my high school which have achieved wonders unheard of in other schools) - fighting against hate whenever I see it. But perhaps turds like R.H aren't worth it.

    And...for the love of ceiling cat! It's 12:15, I can't even think properly (and I've still got to take a shower).