Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mystery Object

I am astonished that no one knows what this item does. As Ann discovered with her diligent research, the address is that of a well known restaurant in Hue, Viet Nam. There were ten of us in a group there dining and when we were leaving, the owner presented each couple with one of these. What great publicity and so cheap.

While Aussie beer bottles, the little ones, or stubbies if you like, can be opened by hand, I needed to open a bottle of Stella (Artois) and so had to search out a tool to remove the cap and at the bottom of a drawer I found the mystery object, a tool just to remove caps from bottles and it does the job very well.


  1. Riiiiiiiiight, that was going to be my second guess..... but where's the missing screw? :P

  2. I was right then...it is a stick.

  3. Anonymous12:27 pm

    You lost me.

  4. Awesome. I want one...lol, who would have guessed :)

  5. The missing screw would allow two to be opened at the same time. Well, the screw plus a crap load of talent. Alas, I have neither.

  6. Some don't need a tool for opening crown seals - merely place bottle top against edge of table and quick thump with lower palm to outer seal edge does it.


  7. Jayne, Jayne, Jayne!

    A very special stick Brian.

    Takes the cap off bottles Reuben. The screw part goes under the lip of cap and you lever the cap off. Drink more beer.

    Thought someone would have Cazzie.

    A double opener Rob. Very lateral.

    Marvellous for black granite bench tops Ann. You could also remove them with the door catch on an old Holden.