Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Motherhood and letter writers

I suppose it is a good thing. Never tried it. Don't want to.

I like motherhood when it is teamed with statement, a motherhood statement. In fact, just yesterday I managed to finish last Thursday's newspaper and I came across a humdinger, a letter to to the editor written by one Mr Rob Kemp. It warned of the dangers of mixing your car with a a large train. Well, who would have thought that!

Who would have thought that it was dangerous to be in front of an approaching train? Yet, so many do end up to be victims of trains, it seems such motherhood statements need to be read and reinforced.

It was a sensible letter and I wish I could find a link to it (stick one in comments if you have it Rob). If it makes one person think a bit more before doing something silly, then it is worth Mr Rob Kemp's efforts.

Speaking of letter writers, it is sad to hear that Constance E. Little, formerly of Swan Reach, latterly somewhere else, has reached an age where she is not refilling her pen with Swan Ink anymore. Almost as sad as when Charlotte Hartwig of St Kilda, another prolific letter writer to the paper, died.


  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Level Crossings: inadvertently carrying out natural selection.

    Not really.

  2. I always thought that was the idea of level crossings...to see if you can get your car across them before the bell stops ringing.

  3. Tools and knobheads think it's an extension of the races they played at school because nobody used red ink to correct their essays and no one told them off for being dickheads in general.

  4. http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/letters/nothing-to-fear-from-justice-20090107-7by1.html?page=-1

    It's about half-way down, and thank you for the kind plug!

    It is a bit sad that Constance E. Little isn't writing any more. I used to look forward to her pearls of wisdom. If I had the inclination to travel, I'd be down there typing away for her.

  5. I nearly got hit by a train once.
    Mind you, I was 3 years old.

  6. Reuben, sadly it effects so many other people too. Otherwise, I would agree.

    Oh dear Jayne, it was even reported in Canada. They are idiots for sure Jayne but the ones that concern me are drivers who would say that they are cautious and yet will queue across a railway line.

    Thanks Rob. I did not always agree with Constance E., but always pleased to read her.

    Scaring me now Deb. Guess it is down to parents then. I fully understand how hard kids can be to control.

  7. Having seen the way your trams and cars interact Brian, I am not surprised.

  8. Constance may be hanging up her thumbnail dipped in tar, but all is not lost, we still have Brenda L-inane and Kevin Rugg

  9. Fess up LS. You only like Brenda coz she lives in Moonee Ponds. Can't say I have ever disagreed with her though.

    I kind of admire Rugg for his consistency. If there is a hard core conservative to admire, he would be on my list.