Saturday, January 10, 2009

More real life

This is just getting so boring. No angsty, just the facts. Picked up Little Jo at 10 am. Chatted to sister. No one has called Mother for three days. Tried tonight, but phone was off the hook. No surprise.

Good enough time at Collingwood Children farm. Myuna Park in Dandenong is better. Return to the highrise for R to change his jeans because Little Jo had made such a mess of them, before his back manipulation. Return to Sister to deliver Little Jo, via Dairy Bell in East Malvern for ice cream and play park near East Malvern Station. R bashes off to chiro bloke in Burwood, but drops me off at Carnegie tram terminus. Break journey home to collect repaired computer. RAM has been replaced.

Use pc in shop for ten minutes, working fine. Worked fine for two hours once home and then started playing up again. Direct electric fan to cool computer and it does not seem to be a heat problem. Disconnect cordless mouse and keyboard and use corded ones, does not seem to be the problem. Earlyish night as computer was driving me crazy.

Arise this morning, and here I am typing away and it is working fine. I know it won't last though.


  1. " I am typing away and it is working fine."

    It's amazing what a kick accompanied by the words, "Time for the knackers yard yet" can do to a computer's temperament.

  2. I'd suggest it be reincarnated as a boat anchor except it's brand new!

  3. I am often tempted to use percussive persuasion.

    Being brand new is the reason I am persisting. If it was old, I would get a new one.

  4. Your mum probably just wants some space I guess, you know she will let you all know when she needs you..right? :)
    I wondered what the farm was like there in Collingwood, have been to the on our Dandenong as my dad lived around the corner from it and we went there when I was pregnant with Tomas.
    OH WOW! Mia just walked in to me speaking all funny and as I look up she is holding a tooth between her digits!@!! She has lost her first tooth, yayyy!! She is a big girl now..... well, Little Jo is only a few years away from that right :)
    Hope R's back is manipulated and put right. Subluxations can be the pits. Otherwise, reverse the old saying of shagging causing a bad back..maybe it can fix it too!
    LOL, have a good day, I am off to the funny farm, my second :(

  5. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Mmm, Dairy Bell.

  6. CCF wasn't too bad Cazzie, but I reckon Myuna Farm in Dandenong is much better. Mum is being very anti social at the moment and has mostly had the phone of the hook. Part of the grieving process I suppose.

    I hadn't had Dairy Bell ice cream for over a decade MD. I had forgotten how nice it is.