Saturday, January 31, 2009


To get everything done on the internet that I want to, I am forced to lunch in front of the computer. I was taught to sit at the table to eat.

Our friend in the Western District of the State has a slightly annoying habit of describing things in detail when naming them, such as a bunch of flowers becomes a bunch of Dutch Flag Iris. Not the car needs fixing, but my Mazda 323 sedan needs repairs. Not salmon for dinner, but Tasmanian west coast salmon.

In this post, I shall adopt his habit and use the names.

On your left is a tin of John West chilli flavoured tuna, my favourite tuna brand and flavour.

Then to the right is a bowl of salad comprising fresh vine ripened truss tomatoes, burpless cucumber, Kalamata black olives and Spanish red onions, over which has been drizzled home grown lemon juice and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

To the far right are two slices of Helga's Light Rye bread and to the left of that, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil with added balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, for dipping the bread into.

This would have been a much quicker post if I had been eating a Four 'n' Twenty pie with dead 'orse.

Oh yeah, I had finished my lunch before I finished reading Brian's post about some old thing in some old country.


  1. Andrew,I'm ashamed of you. Where are the napkins?

    copperwitch here, O'Dyne is on
    gin duty.

  2. I had a lamington for 'lunch' today - or should I say, one day old sponge, icing sugar, cocoa powder, butter, milk, desiccated coconut and jam.

  3. I had grilled cheese toast for lunch today...and it appears we have the same computer screen size. However, I have a Linux machine which gives me access to pornography sites with little ado in the way of spam and viruses.

  4. Well, since everyone else is doing it...
    I had a ham roll with tomato, cheese, home-made pickle and lettuce. I love Sirena chilli tuna.

  5. that is the cleanest computer desk I've ever seen in my life! Where's the empty soft drink cans, unpaid bills (some of them overdue!), pens and textas that (as it turns out) mostly don't work, CD cases that I'm not quite sure where the CDs have actually ended up, etc etc... !?!

  6. As I sit here typing I'm eating my breakfast. On the right is a thickly cut Warbuton's sliced British bacon butty, courtesy of Springbrook Pig Farm, Pilling. On my left is a large mug of coffee (ASDA home brand) with five teaspoons of Tate and Lyle sugar (courtesy of the Kidderminster refinery) in it and a splash of milk from Worthy's Dairy Farm, Thornton, FY6 7EM (Tel: 855642 and ask for Bert).

  7. P.S. I've just that my drawing of Uncle Tom's Cabin on your computer screen?

  8. Lunch today was a delectable ham and salad sanga, including beetroot, on evil white sandwich loaf made with the soft white mitts of The Spouse.
    Followed by a bajillion stalks of yummy cold celery.

  9. I don't recall asking any of youse what you et for lunch or breakfast in Uncle Tom's cabin or your own kitchen. Ok, go on then. The rest of you tell me what you had for lunch, while my eyes glaze over.

  10. Anonymous10:43 am

    Oooh this is so much fun Andrew! You should ask us what we have for lunch more often.

    Incidentally, I challenge Brian to a week of vegetarianism.

  11. Jayne above: had I said to her
    "oh! a delectable ham sanga"
    my ex mother-in-law would have responded

    "No, it's the Gypsy Ham"

    or whatever it was labelled in the deli display.

  12. Reuben, a bacon butty without the bacon would be a challenge for Brian.

    The fashions of ham Ann. Someone should write a book.

  13. You caught the desk on a good day TVAU.

    Yes Brian, I believe that is your drawing. Have I infringed copyright again?