Friday, January 30, 2009

Load Shedded

I have no problem with being load shedded, apart from the obvious that it shouldn't happen. I must take my turn, except........when a building like this one is turned off, it means people are stuck in lifts and people can't get in or out of the car park. It was half an hour, not so bad.

We invited Sister and Little Jo for a swim, some air con and R cooked a great dinner, fortunately just being served up as the electric went off. Actually, no electric was used in preparing the dinner.

Well, with the air con off, Sister did not hang around. She was anxious to get home and open her place up to the breeze.

We opened windows for a time, but oh, it was cooler but still pretty warm, so one the electric was back on, shut the place up again.

I just can't agree with shutting areas off that have a lot of lifts, meaning people are trapped. I have heard of a brilliant technical solution way of load shedding. Remind me if I forget to write about it.

The chaos that had enveloped our city will generate an email at least, from me to local member Martin Foley.


  1. I don't even know what Load Shedded is. It sounds like something I'd do about half an hour after eating a particularly heavy tika masala.

  2. Brian, I expect you might have been load shedded when Maggie was around. Not enough of the electric stuff, so some get switched off on some sort of rotational basis that has no rhyme nor reason.

  3. Not enough electricity? Strewth! I'd recommend an additional generator...but perhaps I'm missing the point.

  4. If the govt had balls and built a solar powered desal plant somewhere out in Bass Strait that also pumped water into the Murray Darling Basin through a hydroelectric turbine we might be ok.
    But the Govt doesn't have balls...or brains.

  5. Anonymous11:52 am

    Egh, getting trapped in a lift on a stuffy day would be one way to increase the amount of claustrophobic Melbournians. Not good.

    Little sister is house-sitting for a family of 5 on the other side of town at the moment. Called home this morning in a lather as the power outage meant that all their frozen food had defrosted, rendering it useless for their return in oh, about 12 hours.

  6. Anonymous11:58 am

    Jayne is spot-on. All of the week's chaos could have been potentially avoided, but with a stupidly conservative and myopic government (that can't even manage it's own cost-estimates), it's hardly surprising.

  7. Not the exact wording, but the gist is.

    We rang AGL to find out WTF was going on when our power went down (NO Frankie Howerd entendre intended, 'Don't Call Me!') and were asked to hang up on account of we were using valuable resources and they were trying to deal with lot of shite ... BUT - true dinks - if we knew of any local incident which might have caused this, then 'Press 4.'

    (And, just in case my hearing had been knackered by the 40+ degrees tempachure, I got #1 daughter to ring the same number. It hadn't been, my hearing had been 20/20!)

    A Ripley's believe it or not, or an example of Coppersandwiches, 'Couldn't organise a fark in a broffel wif a fist fulla fifties.'

  8. A new generator Brian? Why didn't anyone think of that? The real problem is, what powers the generator? More of our filthy burning brown coal.

    Oh Jayne, what are we to do with the ignoramuses.

    No good MD, but they can put in a claim.

    All are pretty basic things that we expect our State Gov to supply Reuben. Since they cannot, they are incompetent.

    I tried to call and eventually got through. Oddly, to Citipower when we are with Origin. Ok, I get it now, Citipower is the distributor, Origin the retailer. Don't know who actually make the stuff. I entered my post code when requested only to be told I was not one of their customers.

  9. From what I heard on the radio today, apparently areas that don't have any hospitals (and I guess that includes things like nursing homes as well) are the ones that get chosen to be load shedded.

    Question: Why don't buildings such as yours invest in emergency power supplies (ie batteries!) that at least enable elevators to reach the nearest floor (or return to the ground) after the power is cut?

  10. Ben, given we are twenty minutes walk to the Alfred???? But it is all about who is on what circuit of power supply. We seem to be on the same one as the Casino? Good point about the lifts and it was investigated after the last power shut down when yours truly was in a lift for two hours and the cost was found to be prohibitively expensive. Some of the really upmarket buildings have back up generators. When the last inner city power failure happened, Eureka's generators should have kicked in, but they failed.