Tuesday, January 20, 2009

King Obama

Is it tonight or tomorrow our time? The coronation of King Obama of the United States of America? A phrase that keeps coming into my head is, 'the great white hope', but I think it is inappropriate, besides, I don't really know what it means.

How about this one, 'Never have so many been disappointed......', I forget the rest.

Expect a stunning speech from Obama. He is a fine orator.

Like another widely admired black person, Nelson Mandela, Obama will disappoint so many people when nothing really changes. The blacks will remain poor. Good health care will remain a privilege of the rich. Religion will still interfere in every which way. Rich people will get richer, poor people will become relatively poorer. Wars will continue. The thirst for oil unrequited. The big picture environmental questions unanswered.

But just for one day, I will have faith that Barak Obama is the new messiah.


  1. I bloody hope not. Look at the balls up the last messiah made.

  2. Wow, way to stir some controversy!

    Sadly though I agree, of course its not that Obama won't do a good job, I'm sure he will, however the broader power of the US government will likely stop him from advancing the country in any decent way. what a shame.

  3. I await with bated breath (not least because it's too hot to breath properly).

  4. The inauguration ceremony will be broadcast live on ABC tv from 3.30am Weds morning, our (Melb) time. I've not been sleeping well recently and have been awake at this ungodly hour for the last few nights anyway, so I'm definitely setting my alarm to get up to watch. I love Obama's speaking style - makes me want to shout "hallelujah!" and "Praise be!" every-time he pauses!
    I'm sure The Mutant is correct, but even it it just turns out to be for a short while, it's marvellous to indulge in a feeling of hope after so many years of political despair, both for local and US politics.

  5. It'll be a long while before the general public of USA reach the level of disappointment in Obama that they had in Bush (Jr and Sr)

  6. It's kind of a shame, plus kind of frightening, to have so much faith placed in one person.

    On the other hand, he only needs to do little more than breathe to better his predecessor, I reckon.

  7. Point taken Brian.

    Quite so Mutant. It is not a one man band, perhaps unfortunately in this case.

    Don't bait your breath too long Reuben. I don't think it will take long anyway.

    You are right about hope and despair Altissima. You should resurrect your blog and write a report. Funny though, I am not keen on hearing Obama speak. I like to see him speak.

    Probably never Jayne.

    Hi Phil and welcome. You are certainly right about the 'do little more than breathe to do better'. He seems like a decent and honourable man.

  8. Oh, c'mon Andrew, let's not put a dampner on the vibe now! Maybe, just maybe this guy can get some shit done! The best thing bout him that I can see so far, is that he is giving hope to people. Putting faith in people. Empowering people. That's gotta be a good thing. Even the fact that he thinks he can effect change has gotta be a good thing.
    And as other commenters have pointed out, the mere fact that he's not George W Bush is a good thing.
    Lét's try and be positive about this one eh?

  9. Deb, I am not sure how much change he can effect. This is an awful lot of politics involved. Of course I agree with you. Hope and faith in a leader can have a magical effect. I am just playing the bitter old jaded cynical been there done that old queen. I have high hopes. I just know I will be disappointed. I have seen it all too many times.