Thursday, January 29, 2009

I despair

Who is responsible for this mess? You whistle and I will point.

Our train system seems to be near collapse because of the hot weather. What? Hot weather in Mellbourne? Who would have thought.

We don't have enough water. My 75 year old mother has to hand water twice a week and today said she has giving up a good bit of her garden to survival of the fittest. She will no longer be able to indulge in her one non selfish activity. What? Drought in Australia? Who would have thought.

Power load shedding has started. Areas are being turned off because there is not enough electricity. Look how many home air conditioners have been sold in the last few years. What? Not enough electricity supply to run them? Who would have thought.

So who is responsible for public transport? Who is responsible for water supply Who is responsible for electricity?

You whistle, I will point.


  1. I'm filling up envelopes with the excess of water we have here in Blighty for you Andrew. I only hope it lasts the journey.

  2. yes Bri is right - POOR DISTRIBUTION is the culprit.

    what I don't understand is how our train tracks have buckled in the heat.

    The track The Ghan uses from Adelaide to darwin right across The Simpson Effing Desert doesn't melt.

  3. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Ann, that's probably because they use cement sleepers; Kosky deliberately avoided 'em.

  4. Tragically logic is feared in Vic Govt, they have garlic sprinkled about and ward it off with crucifixes galore.
    Commonsense is equally outlawed in the hallowed halls of the Brumby cartel; the moment it is sighted they release another policy on someone doing something stupid somewhere.

    Because they can't on-sell those cement sleepers to landscape suppliers at ramped up prices like the red gum sleepers, Reuben.

  5. Our brand new LG split that was installed last week, ye, last Thursday has died. Why? It was working just lovely prior to our power outage. Power comes back on and it is only working as a fan..not an air conditioner. I want to cry.

  6. Ain't privatisation grand! Ain't the State Government grand! Bloody mess. Now I'm off to snorkle in a bucket of ice.

  7. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Either that or yesterday's patient explanation by Kosky (in person) regarding the 3/5 sleepers to be replaced was simply inadequate, Jayne.

  8. Keep some back to water your scotch with Brian.

    As Reuben says Ann, timber sleepers and continuous track are the causes.

    From what I have seen Jayne, concrete sleepers are brilliant.

    Really feel for you Cazzie. Can't imagine what would have happened. Suppose you have tried switching it off at the circuit then on again and at the outside unit if there is a switch there.

    Big disappointment to me LiD.