Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Highrise Aussie Day Eve

Sunday was lovely. Met up with our dyke friends, two other dyke friends, the brother friends and Dame M's boarder for brunch at Mojitos in Commercial Road. Fine meal and just for once, all males present were in agreement that the waiter was hot! It helps a lot when they seem to be a nice person too, but it would be rare for us all to like the same guy.

Afternoon, nothing, just like I like it. But by evening, R was getting restless and suggested we go to the casino to see the animated Chinese New Year decorations.

We caught the 55 tram to the Casino and watched the display. We went onto to the food court for a light Asian meal, after our big brunches.

R spent 15 minutes winning a few bucks while I watched a couple get into a gondalier boat, get served champers and propelled up the river. We caught the tram home again just in time to catch Dr Who.

Pretty perfect day really.


  1. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Crikey, that dragon looks very scary. On another note, everytime I'm at Prahran market I examine the diners outdoor at Mojitos, wondering if any of them happens to be yourself. Ooh. That sounds a little stalkerish.

  2. "...all males present were in agreement that the waiter was hot!"

    Let me guess...he'd flambeed himself by accident.

  3. Anonymous10:41 pm

    "He fought the Cybermen with a cutless...I'm afraid to say it, but he was braver than I"

    Dr. Who episode rankings to be completed soon, Andrew.

    But I'm glad you enjoyed your evening and its associated waiter.

  4. Of course it was a perfect day - Doctor Who was on telly :P

  5. I bet the casino will be busy today with people trying to stay inddors in ari conditioned comfort and not just for the pokies either.

  6. MD, smoke came out of his nostrils and his eyes flashed yellow. Quite scary.
    We would normally be at the back on the edge of the courtyard, sometimes on a Saturday morning.

    Hot perhaps Brian because he had five queens staring at him.

    Just Lord will do Ann.

    Reuben, after last night, I realise I like the Billy Piper eps the best.

    He does get your juices flowing Jayne.

    I reckon so Cazz.

  7. I saw the Christmas one which was actually pretty good. I, as per usual, steered well-clear of all the other entertainment of course.