Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hands off my neck

My beloved Telstra has throttled me again, until Saturday night. It is very odd that some sites, such as my bank still work almost normally, google blog reader is pretty well ok, but do you think I can check my yahoo emails?

My Outlook Express email is timing out all the time and I have go to Telstra's web mail and delete picture files. Telstra's web mail works quite fast.

I am sure real dial up can not be as bad as what is happening to us.

This has only happened once before and I think it was because a certain resident of the highrise downloaded too many large and clear 'interesting' movies. This time it would be because of all the programs I have downloaded to the new computer to replace the ones on the old computer.

Apart from one two year flirtation with Optus Mobile, I have been a faithful Telstra customer for nigh on thirty years, more really, and this is the way they treat me.

But be warned Telstra, I can rewire my bedroom phone through two rooms and get it near the computer. I will choose ADSL over cable. My world will be my oyster then so far as telephony goes.


  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Telstra, as I've always maintained, are gits.

  2. "My Outlook Express email is timing out all the time..."

    I thought it was just me and my ancient, coal-powered computer.

  3. "my beloved Telstra"

    get a grip for godssake.
    they are lying cheating stealing lying bastards.
    offshore bastards.
    in more than one way.

    Did I mention 'lying' ?
    oh Andrew

  4. Anonymous12:47 am

    As a current Optus customer, I wouldn't recommend them.

  5. "But be warned Telstra, I can rewire my bedroom phone through two rooms and get it near the computer." he says chortling with wicked glee and plans to take over the transport network.

  6. Understatement Reuben. See Ann's words.

    You must switch to clean and efficient electricity Brian.

    Thanks Martin. My brief flirtation with Optus Mobile ended for good reasons.

    I am feeling strangely powerful Jayne. It won't last.

  7. A collegue at work arrived late for handover yesterday. The reason, was not Connex (haha) it was Optus. He had been told 10am would be the time theyd arrive to fix his Optus for the computer. They arrived at 12:10pm. Work starts at 1300 and they were there until 1300 getting it going. I laughed and said, It could almost be a Telstra time appointment. Well, it is the old joke.
    So perhaps they are all the same?

  8. I reckon so Caz.

  9. My speed just got back to normal as I am in the same situation as you Andrew, and for the same reason. I don't have anyone else to blame though...

  10. It is a bitch Rob, but mine was supposed to come back on the 25th, but from midnight on the 24th, it was back to normal.