Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flowers Delivered

Mother is fuming that only one person sent flowers to Step Father's funeral, his brother. We gently reminded her of all the flowers that she had received and that she ran out of vases to put them in.

The Brighton Antique Dealer sent us flowers. It is quite an unusual arrangement but a good one to send blokes I think. Not too frilly. The strappy leaves fascinated me, almost black with red edging, perhaps sprayed with a gloss.


  1. I love this arrangement, it is different, and it is also intreaguing. It was nice of them to buy you flowers :)

  2. Flowers are interesting; incense is better though (and takes up less space).

  3. I like them because they are a bit different Cazzie.

    My incense days have passed Rueben.

  4. That's what my parents say when I burnt it. Bloody old people!

  5. They're beautiful, Andrew, really striking. The delicate Singapore orchids are a nice contrast with the lilies and leaves.


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