Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Touch Anything

Ok, it is a really poor phone camera picture. Perhaps a clearer one would be an invasion of a friend's privacy. But the ex NT Policeman/Politician balks whenever I suggest I give his office a bit of a tidy up. I like to have the dig.

"Leave it alone. I can find everything quickly."

What you can't see is three computers, stacked shelves, papers littering the floor, umpteen folios and filing cabinets.

Phew, and I get stressed by a merging an old computer to a new one.


  1. i don't feel so bad about my messy desk now :-)

  2. Mmmm, that is a bit untidy.

  3. John Prescott'd have that desk cleared in an instant.

  4. Wow, my Dad's shed was always a mess, but , he did know where everything was when he needed something.

  5. Hi Andrew. I'll bet yours is not as bad.

    A little messy Victor.

    Like he cleaned out his own Brian.

    Just how some people are, hey Cazzie.

  6. I like it, and I say it should remain as-is. That way my office looks like a much tidier space which in turn makes me a happier mutant!

  7. Always like to keep mutants happy!

  8. One match would be all it would take.
    Job done.

  9. Ok Deb. Best comment. Haha.


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