Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer Update #63

Well, the finale has arrived. The final solution. You must be relieved to be relieved of reading about such boring shite.

I visited computer man this morning to discuss the problem. He fell silent while his brain ruminated. He saw some sense in my bald statement that it was a modem problem. I was nearly ready to buy a new one myself, but I wouldn't without a guarantee that it would fix the problem.

Here is the plan, he said. We will try a new network card and if that does not work, a new computer. "Are you open tomorrow, Saturday?", I asked. No, he said. "Are you home tonight?", he asked. From 6.20 I will be. Good, he said. Back up as you need to. I will come at six. Fortunately I knew R would be home. As it was, he turned up a bit after seven. After connecting up the new computer, when he not did show at the appointed time, by 6.50 I reconnected the old computer to check email. I did not want new email going onto the new computer in case he took it away a deleted all on the hard drive. Still with me?

While I was at work this afternoon, I thought, I bet he has a mate from his own country who can help him with this problem. Lo and behold, I reckon it proved to be true.

He arrived very business like and did not admire the highrise views. He was straight away down on his knees, ass up in front of me, behind the computer. Well, if he was a bit younger.........

He ripped out the USB cable from the modem to the new computer and replaced it with ethernet cable connection. Lo and bloody behold, the new computer now works. Who would have thunk it.

It is seldom anything troubles me to not sleep well. But last night the computer problem caused me bad sleep. Today, problem is solved. I feel a bit delerious after three plus weeks of bother.

Still plenty of stuff to do to get the computer back to how we were used to the old one, but I am used to that and I can do that. Must say though, this new computer is lightening fast. No waiting for stuff to open.


  1. Anonymous10:40 pm

    It sounds as arduous as trying to catch a bus from Frankston to Rowville, and then trying to find your way to Werribee.

  2. YAY!
    And, verily, the villagers did dance and rejoice with glee as they waved sharp pointy sticks!

    It's always some simple little thing like a cable.

  3. Good work! Glad the drama is over. It's always a relief to find the source of such problems!

  4. problem...getting your money back on all of those upgrades that have cost you a fortune recently.

  5. Your suggested trip Reuben sounds more arduous.

    Thanks for being wise in retrospect Jayne.

    Thanks Fenz.

    A great relief Rob.

    Nothing spent apart from the $660 for the new computer Brian, which did not work.

  6. So glad and releived for you that it is all up and running :)