Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Update #24

I am feeling sorry for computer man. I am also feeling sorry for myself. Picked new computer up again but was busy so did not connect it until today. R may have wanted to look at a pornographic site last night, so the last thing I would want to inflict on him is a defective computer.

I connected it up today and while all the previous mentioned things have been replaced, I managed to make it fail on the first site, The Age, the second site, Yahoo mail. All done within a minute and yet computer man took it home and surfed on it, surfed on it in in the shop, left it on all the time, and it will not fail for him.

I got busy with extension leads, various power sockets and circuits and have absolutely established it is not a power supply problem.

I have tried cordless and corded keyboard and mouse. Printer works fine.

Only one thing left. The Telstra modem.

When we moved here, the Telstra tech person came the first day to connect us to the back bone wired cable internet in the building. He could not make it work with the six year old cable modem. He tried a new modem after some hours of playing, and suddenly it worked. After complaining to Telstra about having to buy a new modem, they paid half.

I think we are about to go down the same path. I will suggest this to computer man and maybe he can lend me a newish modem to establish that internet connection is the problem.

If you want a ripper read of how bad Telstra can be, take a read of Victor's post on trying to update his Foxtel connection.


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    What a horrible time you've had with this thing. I'm sure I would have thrown it from the window by now if I were you.

  2. Anonymous10:35 pm

    If it still doesn't work, put it in the oven and bake on high for twenty minutes.

  3. Just drop the pc on Sol's head; his inflated ego won't notice the dint ;)

  4. Have you checked the phone socket for spiders?

  5. A propos of how inept Telstra and its hired help can be.

    Yesterday I got a cold call inquiring whether I would be interested in their Whizzbang All You Can Eat for $2,000 Package #12a-34B/456.

    I ask Ms Spruiker, "Why you call this number?"

    Ms Spruiker tells me, "Because 9379 **** is you phone number."

    "Sorry Ms Spruiker, first you have just rung my dedicated fax line number, secondly I haven't been a Telstra customer for over a decade and I could give you a thousand reasons why that is the case, and thirdly why would I want to sign up with a phone company that doesn't know it's arse from its elbow and whose database can't differentiate between my regular phone number and my fax number?"

    (BTW Telstra's online White Pages still has my home address as one of their telephone exchange depots. Don't intend changing it myself as I do like the idea of having a weekender in one of the poshest streets in Strathmore.)

  6. I hope that soon you will have resolved all problems that are computer/modem related.. such bad luck really.

  7. Cable internet actually Brian. We are too high up for spiders.

    A fax LS? How quaint. Ah yes, recall the phone exchange business. Probably nicely air conditioned if you wish to take up residence.

    I am the unluckiest person in the world Cazzie, well that is how you feel.

  8. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I am wanting to change internet providers (from Optus to TPG) but first have to change phoneline back to Telstra (from Optus) - this is just a flick of the switch at the exchange, but Telstra has said it will take 21days....what a load of old shite. No wonder everybody is leaving them.

  9. That sounds complicated Anon. Might use a name, anyone will do, so that I know which Anon is which? My friend in Sydney, if you are the one who is in Sydney who I am thinking of, use TPG and has for a few years now. He would not use it if it was not good.

  10. "We are too high up for spiders."

    Could be ballooning spiders...