Sunday, January 25, 2009

City Link

It was R's turn to learn about Mother when he carted her to the Eye and Ear Hospital. He drove nearly an hour in a direction and collected her, drove nearly an hour back to the Eye and Ear, and then bought her lunch, and then after her seeing an eye doctor, drove an hour back to take her home and an hour back to get home.

After Mother saw the eye doctor, she offered to shout R afternoon tea. Whoa, that kind of sounds like my mother but does not in some ways. Mother decided that the tea bags are too weak and she needed two, and somehow manipulated R to cashier and R paid.

R has finally cottoned on to my mother. There are good reasons why my brain damaged brother always asks for cash up front before doing any shopping for Mother.

Sister was going to take Mother to Eye and Ear next Thursday, entailing a trip with Little Jo on board, one hour out, one hour in, one hour out and then stay the night and help with messages the next day. Older brother with a day off, moi, stepped up to crease and offered to pick up Mother and deliver her, and then Sister can pick her up. That way I will only have to pay for lunch and Sister will have to pay for arvo tea from her pension.

Mother did mention how kind R was on the phone a few days later and asked if she should do anything for him. I did not mention to pay for afternoon tea as you offered, but suggested a thank you card would be appreciated muchly. I would like R to remain a bit cynical about Mother, but not to dislike her.

Oh yes, the subject line is City Link, one of our pay roads. Andy had a good old rant at someone here, but there was some truth to the complaint as we found out once when we travelled Citylink four times in one day and incurred a debit of around $20. Everyone is entitled to, I think eight, day passes per year for around $10. R intended buying one and slipped his Etag into the glove box, but as he went under the first charging point, the Etag beeped regardless. There really is no reason why it can't be done electronically via the Etag. City Link are money grubbing bastards, but I wish I had bought some shares in the company when they were at a low price.


  1. 12 passes per LPN per year @ $12 a pass. There's a reason why they say if you get a pass make sure they etag is out of your vehicle, coz it can go off no matter where you hide it, but generally not if you're sitting on it. I work for citylink, i've heard it all!!!

  2. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Etags are funny creatures.

  3. "City Link are money grubbing bastards, but I wish I had bought some shares in the company when they were at a low price."

    That's a philospohy that works for Labour M.P.s.

  4. Pfft! The money-grubbing pricks tried charging myself and my cousin for my cousin driving on Citylink years after I'd cancelled my account with them, returned my Etag, and my cousin had both registered the car in her name AND opened a Citylink account.
    It went on over a period of 3 years - get it sorted then suddenly another bill arrives in the mail and we get to do the dance with calls, speaking to hundreds of different people and assurances it won't happen again....until next time.

  5. I've rarely used it and on the times I have, it's been in someone else's car. I stay well away from tolled roads, mostly because I don't want to go where they go. Plus with my car, the less blockages on the windscreen, the better. I struggle in some positions to see some traffic lights.

  6. Anonymous3:21 pm

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  7. FFS Anonymous, get your own blog already! I do leave some very long comments here on Andrew's blog, but never have I left one as long as that! LOL
    Moving right along Andrew.. your dear Mum is a crafty little piece..hehe. My nan was similar. I miss her and her quirky ways. They leave for a good story to tell.
    People are speaking of City Link rght now on the radio, I heard it as I left work today. There was a hold up and it was due to re surfacing where a truck fire had been last night? Anyway, it took some people more than 2 hrs to get to where hey were going, and they want their toll fee refunded. Fair enough when the call centre was telling people it would only be 20min delay in their already 120min delay trip.
    Shivers..did I text as long as Anonymous? hehe.

  8. Thanks for the info Fenz. No offence meant. I am opposed to paying for roads that already existed, even if they did get upgraded.

    Steer clear of them Reuben, they are trouble.

    Or if they can't do that Brian, just ask for money to alter legislation.

    Why oh why Jayne, do such simple things take so much bother to sort out?

    Appreciate the screen difficulty Rob. Btw, I haven't forgotten the interior pic of the car.

    Sorry Anon, while I pretty well agree with you, it was inappropriate as a comment.

    I heard that too Cazzie. I think if they ask, they will get a refund. Confirm Fenz? But it should happen automatically.