Thursday, January 29, 2009

Carting Mater Around

It was forecast to be 40 degrees today when Mother said she was cancelling her appointment at the eye and ear hospital. I believed her and adjusted my day off to suit. Sister advised me yesterday that Mother had not cancelled appointment. Am I surprised, no. I kept the day flexible.

I tried calling her last night and this morning, but always the phone was off the hook. At ten this morning the phone went back on and of course she was keeping the appointment. Grrrrr.

Sister had been at her, cajoling her and pointing out that if she got another appointment in two weeks, it might still be hot. Better to get it over and done with. I had already told her air con house, to air con car to air hospital, to air con car to air con home shouldn't be too hard.

Although I must say, once off the motorway and in slow Punt Road traffic, the car air con was struggling.

I delivered Mother and we et lunch and then she was seen reasonably quickly by public hospital standards. Sister arrived with Little Jo to take Mother home. It was only five hours out of my day, from 10.30 till 3.30.

Sister's car's baby seat is in R's car. So, what a laugh, Sister was driving the Bone Doctor's truck, well 4wd. She sotto voice said to me that the air con in the truck wasn't working well. What a nice suprise for Mother when she leaves the hospital. Transport home in the truck with minimal air con. I can only imagine her look when she steps out of the cool of the hospital and sees the truck sitting there.


  1. You could always try opening the window and sticking her head out of it whilst trying at high speed. Dogs love it. Suggest that she sticks her tongue out as well for added fun.

  2. ... and we have a mother here who could be a passenger hanging out the other window:

    yesterday she had her aircon roaring but the front door wide open.

    (for UK readers, Bri, it is
    116 degrees fahrenheit here at the moment)

  3. Annie, I'd gathered. I saw the tennis on the telly this morning.

  4. Air-con?
    What is this air-con of which you speak?

  5. Funny Brian.

    A matching pair Ann.

    Better send the worse half out to work harder Jayne. Get one.

  6. Quite off topic but I'm sure you'll be amused by the irony of this Shirl.

    Isn't 'beard' slang for ... errrr um this.

    Just sayin'. or am I being "too harsh, Roy."

  7. An unfortunate co-incidence. I hadn't heard of the term. Good work! Now I don't suppose you know of the truth concerning size of feet and nose equals size of....

    And don't call me Shirley.