Friday, January 30, 2009

Brushes with fame

I am destined to only ever be brushed by fame and never have it myself. Maybe if I actually did something, it might help.

After returning from the hospital yesterday, I had two fame brushes. That is, blog mates received some fame.

Reuben managed to get himself filmed by the Herald Sun newspaper where he showed considerable disrespect to our disrespected State Transport Minister. Have a look at the lad in action here. The video on the right of the page. Nice work Reuben.

Then an email from Tony arrived to point out the Melbourne's History in Old Signs Google Map received some coverage by the Herald Sun on Wednesday. As I don't buy the paper and it did not seem to be online, I had missed it. I get a faint mention towards the end of the story.

Below is the text and I don't really think Tony spends most of his life walking Melbourne's footpaths.

Hi-tech historian

Tony Malloy turned to technology to preserve old signs of the times, writes Richard Conrad.

A yarn web designer Tony Malloy read in The Sun News-Pictorial about 30 years ago inspired a hobby that has just won him a $2000-plus laptop.

Malloy won a MacBook as first prize in Google Australia's My Maps Awards for creating a photographic collection of fading old Melbourne signs.

"I can picture the day sitting in Nana's kitchen in Shepparton when I was about 10 or 12," Malloy says.

"While eating breakfast, I read an article in the Sun - a short piece witha photo of an old sign atop a building - and the author made an impassioned plea to document these signs before they disappeared.

"It must have struck a chord because that simple idea stayed with me for more than 25 years.

"Now, thanks to digital cameras, the internet and Google Maps I've been able to act on that idea and it all just came together.

"It maybe a little late for many of the signs that were around when the original article was written, but hopefully it's not too late for many more."

Malloy says he now spends most of his life walking along Melbourne footpaths - particularly around inner-city areas staring up at the higher walls of buildings, because that's where most of the older newspaper signs have survived.

There are now more than 100 photos of old Melbourne signs tagged on a Google My Map, It's A Sign -Melbourne's History in Old Signs.

Malloy has been assisted by a fellow he's never met, called Andrew(that's ME!!!), who has added about 30 photos to the map.
"The aim is for it to be an ongoing collection, concentrating onMelbourne - but it's set up so it can go nationwide or global," Malloy says.
The sign project is also online at a site called Our Fading Past.


  1. They should have said HOT Andrew.

    and 'hot Anthony' come to think of it.

    Brushing fame is much better than actually having it.
    No photographers hiding in your garden n stuff like that.

  2. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Thanks for the hat-tip, Andrew. It was a very hot encounter...mainly because the concourse has no airconditioning. She thought I was being "cheeky". What a flirt!!

  3. Given we have just been 'load shedded', it is very hot Andrew at the moment Ann. Thorpie would agrees with you about the fame part I reckon.

    Reuben, I did think it was very brave of Mr Faine to do an ob in such weather without the caravan.

  4. I think we have to point out that Andrew has actually contributed 138 pictures to the map, the bulk of the contributions to date.

  5. A good few for sure. It is an outing when I would rather stay at home.

  6. As somebody who's hardly ever out of the newspapers myself I can tell you that it starts to get tedious after a while. (Hah! Never! I'm a total media tart and I love it!)

  7. Yay, some decent recognition for quality pics, history and strange blokes who wander around with cameras... !

  8. Anonymous7:56 am

    Wow, congratulations Andrew and Anthony on the Google award and news article! You have put heaps of work into recording our history and you deserve heaps of recognition for that.

  9. " I'm a total media tart and I love it!"

    Yeah, you and Samantha Fox. Luckily, as I've seen from your page three spreads, you have much bigger chesticles.

  10. Ah yes Biran, that newspaper with the very high national circulation.

    One day Jayne, someone will question me. I try to not get people in the snaps.

    Thanks LiD. It is worthy and to me, interesting.

    Where are your newspaper mentions then LS? And I don't mean an ad in the Nation Review.

  11. And now, Andrew, you are our brush with fame.

  12. "Where are your newspaper mentions then LS? And I don't mean an ad in the Nation Review. "

    Modesty forbids, however if you insist I could provide links, including some from Nation Review that don't include acronyms/abbreviations like 'GSOH', 'NS', 'ND' 'D/D Free' 'UYFSOMWPOV'.

  13. Stretching it Victor.

    I am intrigued by the last one LS. UYFSOMWPOV, as you expected I would be. Now, was NSU National Student Union or something else :-P

  14. Well done to everyone on the media exposure.

    I think the woman on the video who spoke after Reuben summed Kosky up nicely.

  15. Yep Ben. No film footage of her, just the voice making a very salient point.