Friday, January 23, 2009

Behind a Shop for LiD

Probably more than you want to know LiD, but here is the full door where the dragon fly was sitting some time ago. What a pity it has been graffittied. There is another wall, so I could not get any further away for a wider picture. Above is a vent of some sort, which leads me to believe it may be a door to an old lavatory. The vent is very high up, far too high for anyone with a paint spray can, so they must have stood on shoulders or had something to stand on. The step is not well worn, almost looks unused.

Not sure why I have posted a picture of such an ugly door really.


  1. Actually, under all that rubbish is a decent pine door that would scrub up nicely with a bit of elbow grease and polyurethane.
    Heck if they've got bits of some pollies old door in the City Museum why not claim this one as an antique which has witnessed the passing parade of evolving history:P

  2. I remember reading an article about some modern artist once who had this bright idea of erecting two huge screens in a park deliberately for the vandals to have a go at. He was going to call the end result 'Urban Graffitti' or something and flog it at some fancy gallery for god knows how many thousand. Anyhow, he left the screens in the park and returned two weeks later to discover that the vandals had smashed them up into little pieces.

    Can't help thinking it served the pratt right.

  3. Anonymous10:19 am

    Hey, thanks Andrew - mystery solved re:the dragon fly. Is the building circa 40's? Interesting that the step is hardly used. Just interesting in general - I like it.I just wish someone would catch the taggers and make them spruce it up.

    Actually, we saw the funniest thing the other day. G and I were having coffee and we saw a minibus pulling a trailor with 'graffiti clean up taskforce' (or something similar) written on the side.

    As the bus was stuck in traffic, we were able to observe all the baseball-capped, scowling little blighters sitting in the bus - obviously paying penance for being very naughty.

    They all looked suitably uncomfortable and we couldn't help smiling at them and having a good laugh. It was priceless

  4. Get your jemmy Jayne and we will go and steal it then.

    Brian, there was some graffiti in Melbourne on the wall of a lane. The Englishman who painted it became rich and famous and the graffiti was preserved behind glass. I seem to recall the glass was broken and the graffiti was graffitied.

    Not sure of date LiD. I want to say early forties, but not much was built then. Yeah, late forties I reckon then.

    Great story about the graffiti task force, haha.

  5. It looks scarry. I think husband might be able to read the graffiti, I sure can't.

  6. Takes a practiced eye to read graffiti Caz. I can't either.