Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angry 2

Pox on Channel 7 and on ABC local radio Melbourne host Rafeal Epstein. They continue to question the sympathy of the small New Zealand companies who want some money for services provided, even though those companies have clearly expressed sympathy.

Tragic of course that two Indian born Australian brothers were killed by an ice slide in New Zealand. That they disobeyed the warning signs sounds very Australian, but you may suffer the consequences. I am a whimp and always obey such significant signs.

But the car hire company who hired the car to the family of the brothers wants at least payment of its costs. The motel where the family was booked to stay but did not because of the mishap also want their money, especially since the booking was reinforced subsequent to the accident.

The amount of money is question for both would be less than $1000. Really, it should come out of their estate if they are really responsible for the debt. From what I observed, it was family thing, but it is not unreasonable for these small businesses to want payment. When will people get it through their heads, private companies are there to make a profit. They are not charities.

I saw one of the brother's aunts on tv tonight, and she just racked of money. Yes, subjective judgement! You don't?

As a gesture of goodwill in tragic circumstances, the New Zealand government should have paid the bills before anyone started squawking. Now many people will be turned off tourism in one of the most gorgeous places in the world.

I am surrounded by fools and idiots.


  1. "I am surrounded by fools and idiots."

    Join the ever expanding club Shirl.

    The longer we live, mate, the more it's gonna happen.

    Very depressing, but singularly or collectively we'll rise above it ... eventually ... perhaps.

  2. Our years are limited and I don't really care too much LS. Just going through the motions. No, don't even go there.

  3. Yep, know what you mean.

    It's that tricky choice of either a good comfortable super payout or a nicely tasteful headstone with a pithy quote. :0)

  4. ... and we know which one is going to last longer and be remembered.

    (Don't take any notice of this Reuben, you're too young for this to be applicable.)

  5. "Yes, subjective judgement! You don't?"

    Never...except when it comes to the frogs.

  6. Andrew, I agree. Presumably they would have had travel insurance for their trip (although would the circumstances of their death void this?) and there will be an estate from which costs can be met.

    Perhaps the businesses should have waited a little longer to ask for payment, but I can't see anything wrong with them charging what is due.

  7. What a horrible way to go. Andrew, I agree. The NZ Govt should have quietly stepped in behind the scenes.
    The companies may also want to consider a policy for this type of situation. Possibly, a greater level of discretion. I dunno, it's all pretty sad really.

  8. I wondered why the company wouldn't have insurance to cover such things. I didn't hear the offending bit on the radio but don't get me started on Rafael Epstein.

    He continually talks over the top of people and interrupts, it drives me insane. Then he has to ask people to repeat what they said because no one heard due to his inability to keep his mouth shut. *sigh*

  9. A very Reuben esque statement Brian.

    I don't believe they did have insurance MD. I kind of agree MD, but how would they get there money once the family leave the country. Well, I suppose they have credit card details.

    LiD, I think most insurance companies would frown on paying out when warning signs were wilfully disobeyed.

    Quite so Fenz. Certainly the car rental company you would have thought. Yep, only one day left of Epstein. Hope they send him back to London.

  10. Epstein will be gone tomorrow - Hallelujah!
    Yep, I imagine all insurance would have been voided by the actions of the sons placing themselves in danger, etc and yep, it didn't belong on the front pages of The Hun, either, Moralistic Maud whipping up public opinion again.

  11. It is a sad situation, and it's sad that the media are so quick to judge.
    In reality, these sorts of situations happen all of the time - people die, and "business needs to be taken care of".

  12. I too wish this had not happened to these brothers..too late to say they ought to have taken notice of the signs..but we have all said there!
    In regards to the bills, small business need to keep on running, and I agree, perhaps the NZ Gvt could have squared it off and then seek rebate from the boys' estate.
    I would still go to NZ. I am so loving the specials they show on the lovely counrty :)

  13. Hooray for one more day of Epstein! And while I'm on it, why does Alan Brough have to shout so much. I enjoy his light hearted show, but his shouting hurts my Nanna ears!!! I'm getting too old it seems!

  14. I hope I got that right about Epstein, Jayne and Fenz.

    Deb, it really does fall into a media beat up category.

    Cazzie, NZ is one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion.

    Alan is ok, but there is something about his voice that annoys me a bit. I am being picky now.

  15. Andrew, a Reuben-esque statement would be "Trying to change Lynne Kosky's mind would be as difficult as trying to attach a toaster to an antelope on the TGV during Autumn".