Friday, December 19, 2008

The week off

I have had a week off work. I have done some extra things but really, I am a much more of a high achiever when I am disciplined by work.

Tick to many things though. New computer connected to net and set up, shower cleaned, auto trolley cleaned, Chinese nest of tables in bedroom cleaned, balcony cleaned and christmas light decorated, bedding all washed, christmas cards all sent (yours is in the mail Jahteh), gifts bought. The highrise is looking spic and span.

We are a little stressed by the new car purchase as it is costing us more than we budgeted for, sorry that is nonsense, more than we thought. I have never done budgeting and I am not about to start. So long as I go to work, money comes in and just as quickly goes out.

Also a little stressed by our tenant who is going to bolt in January. He has been there for more than two years and we have treated him well. He is sadly aspirational and has bought his own house and deserting us. Now we are told the place needs to be repainted, problems with the Venetian blinds which are of a far superior quality to the ones we have at home, lights, hot water, heating. Given the paintwork is only five years old, as are the quality Ventian's, I am not so sure about this. The lights perhaps, hot water problem at the sink, maybe. The heater is a lousy old log fire model. When I authorized its last repair, R said that I was dumb. We should have put in reverse cycle air con.

We sould sell the flat and clear up all our owings, but it is not necessary yet. And who knows, one day it may make a profit.

Writing subjectively, the amount we rent it out for is reasonable and average. Objectively, it seems usury(?). I can't afford to be bleeding heart about it. Market rate is not unreasonable.

What has really caused me stress this week is this bloody (there, I swore) new machine. It is mainly when browsing, but other instances as well.

It just restarts. I am actually getting used to it and plan to do something else while it does so. But it is inconvenient, to say the least. I took it back to the pc shop on Wednesday. I should have rang first. The pc shop dude is o/s until early January.

This morning I wanted to download camera pics to the pc and realised I had not installed the camera software. You can do it without, but with the software, it puts the photos in a nice date ordered manner. I loaded what was on the cd and added it. Nothing happened. I then realised it was a cd to do with an old camera. I loaded the new cd. But still nothing. Perhaps conflict between the two. I uninstalled the old one but must have deleted recognition of the dvd/cd burner thingy, and it would no longer show. I was very unsure how to reinstate it. No experience of that. Then I thought of system restore, and I switched it back to yesterday and dvd/cd was back.

I then had the bright idea of switching the computer back to the day when I first picked it up and if it was something that I had done, all would be well. I did that and the browser worked for ten minutes almost and I thought I had a win. Nah. It seemed even worse. I tried to switch it back to yesterday, but it would not. So then I had to reload all programs. While the constant stuff happened while you are staring at a screen and waiting, I managed to tidy up after a Little Jo babysit visit the night before while Sis and the Bone Doctor saw a fillum, and get the ironing done. I am such a girl with my multi tasking.

Gauranted to cause browser crash is Highriser Celebs, Xtube, The Age, pretty well anything Google related, maps, street directory dot com. After the restore today, even Google Reader kept causing a restart.

It is not Spybot, not AVG, not Zone Alarm. It is mainly when web browsing, but not exclusively. Click on something and it may restart. While loading one of the above, it will crash. Offer you help if you know, but I really thing there is something defective. I have been around computers for a long time, and I have an instinct about them now.

Just to wrap, and let me assure you, I am a survivor, dying Step Father wants a radio for his pallaitive care bedside table. I checked in RetraVision in Chapel Street and prices were high. I liked dealing with the old Jewish owners who would negotiate a price. I went into JB Highfi, and they did not have small radios. They had some expensive models and I thought, bugger the expense, he is dying, it will be the last present. I then burst into tears in the middle of JB Highfi.

I could not go into the next elcheapo electrical shop, as I would have to take my sunglasses off.

Normally Scotch is saved for saved for Saturday night, but I visited Dan's and bought some for tonight.

Once home and doing more domestic tasks, I sat down for a bit to watch the commercial tv news. I laughed too loud and too long when I heard of a householder's christmas blow up Santa being blown up. The weirdness in me thoroughly approves of blowing up external house decorations with a fire cracker. The first couple of years of house light decoration were fun.

Highriser's life will get back to its selfish normality at some point in the future, won't it?


  1. Anonymous2:50 am

    Up late again...

    Did you get Vista? I had to basically go the canon website to get the new software. Thankfully they believed me when they merely asked if I owned the camera. Which is true. The old CD wasn't made for Vista.

    Remember how you wanted to hear some of my funny tales? Well I wrote a blog post about one but you have not seemed to have read it (possibly due to its intimidating length). i strongly suggest you read it because its true, and i think ull find it funyn.

    my god i cant wait to finish uni and move to the city into a nice high rise apartment like u. JEALOUS. stupid countryside.

  2. Anonymous2:57 am

    I woudll also like to take this opportunity to express my love of xtube as well.

  3. "It is mainly when browsing, but other instances as well. It just restarts."

    Probably a stupid question, but have you checked the wires in the plug?

  4. XP Pro TDW. Think I will skip Vista and wait for the next one. I did read the tale. No doubt as I went to comment, the pc shut down. Surprisingly perhaps, I have never tried it. I may have another crack at a comment.

    Not a power supply problem Brian. I have eliminated many things.

  5. I don't know, it seems to be something of a modern PC affliction these days, my work PC does the same thing, it doesn't appear to be browser related though, but from time to time click on something and your're greeted with cooling fan silence and a black screen. It's bloody painful.

  6. Let me start this by saying I hate it when people send (((hugs))) over blog comments. It's so dodgy. I'm sure it's meant in the nicest sense, but ugh.

    Anyway, I just had to say you had me tearing up with the thought of you unhappy in JB, I just wish I could have given you a hug at that point. I hope things can be happier for you in this part of your life. There really isn't anything I can say/write, but I hope it isn't too difficult a period for you.

  7. You certainly did fit heaps into your week off, so sad it goes too fast!
    The radio is always what I suggest to people to bring in if there are none free to use in Palliative Care. Some people like to have talk back radio on, and others like soothing music.
    Also, the use of relaxing oils is useful. Some lavender, chamomile and peppermint (peppermint to keep nausea at bay). If the facility does not allow oil burners, then putting 2 drops of each oil into an atomiser (25ml atomiser) in a carrier oil and then sprayed onto the pillow case or a tissue stuffed under the pillowcase is also wonderful.
    I use this blend at night for the kids, Nick won't sleep without me putting some on a tissue for him.
    Anyway...I am glad you got things sorted on your list. Mine has just begun, school uniforms to soak in stain remover (yellow polo tops are just NOT appropriate), perhaps putting away of some Winter clothes, and out with the Summer ones...Summer may arrive one day soon?

  8. I believe you can used to torture too Kezza.

    Not really like me to do something like that Raelene. I think everything just got a bit much. I feel ok today.

    Cazzie, I am pleased you think a radio is good idea and the oils tip, I will take on board. Good luck with all those clothes. Gosh it must be hard work.

  9. Anonymous1:31 pm

    It's good to relax. Give yourself a pat on the back, Andrew.

  10. After mine was fried in the electrical storm last year, it kept re-starting until all the files were repaired.

    When it starts up, what program is it on? The information bit at the beginning, there are two and don't ask me what. I'm going to have to re-start this beast to find out.

  11. Thanks Reuben. I deserve it.

    I know what you are talking about Jahteh, but I have no knowledge about how to do anything on these screens.

  12. The one it shouldn't be on is system recovery, it should be on the other one.

  13. Given up on it Jahteh. It is in the wardrobe and I have reconnected the old. Have to wait until early January to get it sorted.

  14. I have disconnected it now Jahteh and reconnected the old one. Too much wasted time.