Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transport Survey

What was wrong with me? I let an unsolicited caller get past her first words. She wanted to survey me. Many do. It was a survey about public transport within City of Port Phillip, where I live. I emptied the dishwasher as she gave me a decent old survey. I had been saving that task and others for when Mother rang, instead I read the paper while murmering a couple of yesses and thoughful hmmms.

There were some general questions about the State Government's new transport plan and some motherhood questions. Even though everyone I know who makes it their business to know about public transport is against it, I enthusiastically praised the government's decision to build a rail tunnel, purely for my own selfish reasons. Bugger the poor in Upper Kombuctor West and them not even having a tricycle to get to the local shops.

I was then asked about the 606 bus. I am aware of it and where it runs, but it is no use to me as it not near me. I was surprised to hear that it is a very minimal, almost peak service only.

It spite of it being clear in early questions that I don't live near the bus route and don't have any reason to use it, the surveyor went on to ask questions such as, if the service was improved, would you use it? Answer no. If the route was upgraded, would you use it? No.

So sorry to you folk who would like a better 606 service, but what could I say? If this survey is in part to decide whether to improve the service, the questions seem to be very slanted towards it not being improved.

Oh yes, to save you checking, the 606 runs from St Kilda, near Luna Park, to a loop around the streets of Port Melbourne. I did look it up a few months ago to see where this bus in St Kilda actually went. Half of the route runs parallel to tram lines anyway. A tram along the beach front from Beacon Cove to Elwood, then you would be talking about making serious money for public transport coffers. Brian, send us over a couple of your double deckers pronto.


  1. and I am trying not to think of the zillions the idiot surveyors were paid by our govt to mismanage the damn thing

  2. Is that the same one that stops outside of the McDonalds near Luna Park? If so, I once glanced at the timetable out of curiosity, having never seen a bus down there. It's scary stuff - perhaps one of the most Spartan PT services in inner Melbourne is my bet.

  3. "Brian, send us over a couple of your double deckers pronto."

    Just checking to see if I've got an envelope spare, Andrew.

  4. Brumby's Victorian Government -
    A dying animal that should have either gone the way of the dinosaurs or been put out of the public's misery long ago.

  5. Anonymous12:12 pm

    The government insists that money spent on one project doesn't detract from other potential projects. Is it just me or is money finite?

  6. Now, I wish someone would survey me on the phone about health care, that I could do. Tonight we got a call from the Hearing Aid poeople, other half was saying, "What? What? Sorry?" and I was looking at him with the "what-the!" type o expression, trying to figure out who he was on the phone to. The lady promptly hung up... lol. Madness.
    Double Deckers, awesome, I wonder if they'd fit under that bridge I drive under each time I go to work..the one where the trucks get caught at least once a week in Newmarket.

  7. Can't think of that Ann. Too depressing.

    That's it Rob. I have seen it once.

    If it will fit, one those boat trams too pls Brian.

    Practically Jayne, replaced by who?

    Think it is called creative accounting Reuben.

    Lol at other half Cazzie. Doubt they would fit Cazzie. They are quite tall.

  8. Anonymous11:14 am

    I call it creative absurdity.

  9. Speaking of transport plans? What ever happened to Yarra Trams proposal to terminate the St Kilda RD routes where they now join St Kilda RD and run mega trams up and down it like a mini metro.

  10. Yarra keeps pushing for it, no one is listening and won't fund it.

  11. Thanks Andrew. It's a shame as I think it could work.

  12. It could work Ben. I have never heard anyone explain how precisely it would be done.