Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Train to Tulla

Sometimes things just make so much sense to me that I cannot understand why they don't happen.

Melbourne is a big city and we Melburnians travel, both domestically and internationally. We travel a lot and we get our fair share of visitors.

Sydney has a train to its airport, even though it is very expensive and no one uses it and it went broke. I am unaware of its present status. We looked at it once and it was cheaper to get a taxi.

Brisbane has one. I think it does ok now financially after a shaky start.

Our Federal Government is funding a feasibility study into a rail line from Perth to its international airport, even though the stupid Tory Premier says he does not want it.

Why on earth doesn't Melbourne have a fast train to our international airport? Instead we are forced to depend on the kindness of friends or family, catch a bus that mixes it with traffic on the often congested freeway and the major bus leaves from our suburban and country railway station anyway, or a taxi cab, which is quite expensive.

The land is pretty well there to do it. It would be packed if the train used normal Metcard fares, and I see no justification for any any system to use anything else but its city's fare system.

It will happen one day, but I doubt I will see it.

When I think of London's Heathrow Express to Paddington, or the train from Singapore Airport to Orchard Road with good stops in between, it just makes so much sense. You could bet that every decent Euro city has an airport train.

Premier Brumby, stop wasting money on the Grand Pricks and the like and spend money where it is really needed, like police, public transport and hospitals and health care.

Yeah, I am in a grumpy mood and probably will be all week.


  1. Sydney's airport line still operates. It is only expensive if you use the six or so privately run stations along its route otherwise it is normal cityrail rates. The privately run stations (and fares) revert to the Government after 30 years.

    Even so, if you are travelling on your own to/from the airport rather than with someone then it is cheaper than a taxi for many. I will use it again on Christmas Eve when I fly up to Brisbane for the holiday break.

  2. Go for it Andrew, git ya grump on! Why the fuck isn't there a PT link to the airport using normal ticketing rates? Oh wait, because that would make sense as opposed to a money-pit like the GP.

    I think your grumpy in contageous!

  3. Wasn't this proposed in the new "transport revolution"? Possibly not, I didn't have a good study at it.

    I was on a plane about a week ago and as we were coming closer to the ground (I was trying to look for my house) I was kind of startled at how much land ISN'T subdivided into real estate. Not that it should... I was just feeling a lot more caged in that I needed to be.

  4. Way back when I used to fly to Sydney (one crack about Sopwith Camels and you're done Sedgwick) I would catch a bus from the Ansett or TAA buildings in the city. I'd go straight from work on a Friday night and straight to work on a Monday morning, so easy.

    Getting out to fly Virgin or Jetstar is worse, traffic wise.

  5. It. Will. Never. Happen.

  6. Interesting Victor. I did not know it was a normal part of the rail network. I must study more carefully the for the next visit.

    Go on Kezza. You write a good grump post.

    TDW, there does seem to be some really good green wedges to the west and north of the city.

    So who was he Jahteh? Who tempted you to fly to Sydney in a DC9?

    I may not see it Reuben, but you will.

  7. Maybe...maybe when I'm transport minister.

  8. Someone I don't care to remember like most of my past.

    The best way to travel then was train Friday night and plane back Monday morning. It was a chance to get nicely pissed in the days before pubs opened all night.

  9. You should share this history with us Jahteh.

  10. There is a clause, I am lead to believe, in the Citylink legislation that has in place an exclusion zone around the airport for public transport. Victoria - contracted to get Jeffed forever.

  11. I recall that too Rob. They can ignore such things if they want to, such as removal of clearways in Toorak Road.

  12. While I agree with what you say, I actually think Skybus is pretty good. Certainly worth the premium price slapped on to it.

  13. Good enough service perhaps Ben, but I won't wear that the price is ok.