Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Tattslotto Man Cometh

Well he hasn't, but I suspect some people will think he has. Just for once in my life, I had enough money to actually pay for something significant. That is, a new computer. Files are being moved across as I speak. I keep having to swap the monitor plug over.

A year ago, I had a quote from out computer man, OK, I will give them a plug. HTek in St Kilda Road, St Kilda formerly of Carlisle Street, Balaclava, for a new machine, $770. The company has done well by us over the years and I would recommend them. The price this year for a superior machine was $660. I bit the bullet and ordered it. I sits beside the old one now, ready to connect to the net, except I forget how to do that and so will need to ring my isp and hope Sol doesn't answer the phone. I have looked at the online instructions, and they are too complicated. I have never had to ftp anything before, and I am not about to start.

Our five year old model was tired and I would hate to loose the latest email if the hard drive buggered up. I do back everything up every so often. Even just file transferring, the new one is lightning fast compared to the old. The case is small and neater too. Our first computer did not have colour coded plugs, but what a marvellously simple thing it was to add colour coded plugs and sockets.

It has four rear usb ports and two at the front. That will work well. As for the specs, I don't care about them, but it has 1gb of RAM and a 250gb hard drive. That should be adequate for us.

It is a nightmare to set up a new computer and get it to a state of what you are used to on your old actually takes months, but the basics in a couple of days.

Oh, and we bought a new car today. More on that later. Now, can any cobber lend me a quid?


  1. Good luck with both.

  2. Anonymous4:01 am

    I just got a new a computer not long ago and should not be up at this hour after being out argh.

    I just got over the whole progress thing from one to the other. Just push the shit you need over then deal with it. In fact most of my stuff is stilll on that external hard drive to my left. Probly wont need it. The fact is I hate hoarding. My dad is a hoarding. We have accounting books from 1953, before he was in kindergarten for fucks sake, let alone ones that matter. SEVERAL EDITIONS OF THE SAME BOOK. Hoarder.

  3. Ooooh. A new 'puter. I'm so jealous. I just got a new 10MP camera - does that count? My old one was only 2.2MP, so I'm a little bit excited.

  4. Yes, new cars are everywhere. Well, a more-recent second hand car in our case. It's a bit like driving the starship Enterprise after what I was used to. Hope your PC transition is hassle-free.

  5. Anonymous12:08 pm

    I'm fortunate enough to have a family member in the same household who is also an IT technician. That's the only reason why I'm using linux (incorruptible and virtually virus-free) at the moment. You should use Linux too. IT does everything that Windows does, plus more. It's free and...well...accountable.

  6. Thank you Victor. I find brandy more enjoyable for sweating it out than tea.

    OMG TDW, you are up late. Bet you slept late. So who were chatting to online that kept you up?

    I am not much of a hoarder, but I like to keep things for history. I am a computer stuff hoarder though. No reason to get rid of some of those early grainy porn videos that went online in the mid nineties.

    Re the pc Lad, so far so good. I see no sense in buying a brand new car, that instantly devalues once you have paid for it. But not my decision.

    Nag me long enough Reuben and I might switch. I did eventually switch to Firefox after much nagging. Andy is yet to convince me about Word Press. I wrote something about taking some old computer bits to a recycling place and they gave me a Ubanto disk or something like that, which I believe is Linux. Not to install, just to try from the cd. It wouldn't work.

  7. As per normal, missed one. Hawkeye, there is a big step from 2.2 to 5 perhaps, but I don't think 5 to 10 makes much difference. Regardless, I don't think you can get much less now. You will be pretty pleased with the photo results though. Don't forget to switch auto off sometime and have a play. Even just trying the flash off at night can capture some things much better. Btw, on our side of Lucient, we have three moved in at the front and two at the back.

  8. Anonymous10:05 pm

    I've developed the unhealthy habit of jumping on the net after a big night out when I can't sleep because I'm still off my rocker from caffeine and alcohol.

  9. Gosh, you are human TDW. I am pleased to know that.

  10. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Do I come across as inhuman? If anything that means I'm successfully censoring myself, as planned. Perhaps you'd like to hear more of my naughty escapades.

  11. You don't really, but I can't bear perfect people. Of course, do tell!

  12. Anonymous11:40 am

    Like the time I got so drunk and stoned I passed out mid-sentence while trying to chat up a girl? (I was standing and collapsed into her arms apparently)

    Or the time I invaded a house of occupants unknown, then when the man started screaming at me threatening physical violence I told him "all I want to do is fuck your daughter!" Then at school everyone knew about it and strangers would say to me "all i wanna do is fuck your daughter!"

    Or the time I completely destroyed the bathroom of a hired out venue for a birthday party, merely for shits and giggles, which resulted in the party being shut down? Then I consoled the party girl and told her "I'll get those bastards". (I didn't know her and had crashed the party anyway).

    See, I'm human too.

  13. Very very human. What a laugh at your experiences and pretty well top mine.