Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #13

What is it with personal grooming and whimsical sculpture on verandah roofs? We are in Acland Street, St Kilda on the opposite side of the street to where these sculptures are. I recall that Tram Walker pointed out to me similar sculptures in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    I think the Lonely Planet Guides use these sort of images as a visual for their discussions on St. Kilda as tourist destination.

  2. No surprise there really Reuben. If I was a backpacker visiting Melbourne, I would want to stay in St Kilda. But I am sure it is oversold.

  3. Reminds me a bit of Toontown on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  4. The message seems to be don't have your hair done here, it is a disaster area! :-)

  5. RVB is right, they also have included in their guide to Melbourne the Outer Encasement of toilets, the Wrought Iron works that date back over 100yrs. I took images of the ones on Peel Street where the tram line terminates at the Vic Market for a friend who had read about them in the Lonely Planet guide. He is from South Africa. I dunno, I neve had given a thought to the work that had gone into making them before then.

  6. They are a bit contrived for me.

    I love the grey sharks that are on many many suburban fish n chip shops.
    Funnier to me than those costly collectible Peters cones on milkbars.

    Was anyone else shocked by the $50 pinetrees outside fruitshops this year?
    They are still $11 at ballarats xmas tree farm.

  7. You must have seen every movie that I haven't Brian.

    Quite, Victor.

    The pissoirs are quite intricate Cazzie. I suppose it was an order for a couple of dozen or so panels cast in iron.

    Sharks are good Ann, but I do love the cones. $50????? Outrageous!