Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Brand New Car

While it may very well be our new car, R gets the use of it for work. It has a centre rear armrest, not seen in any of our cars since the Humber Super Snipe. I am old fashioned in that I believe new cars need to be run in, so I haven't floored it yet, but I can already tell Mazda 3 two litres is superior to older Hyundai two litres and superior again to Mazda 626 2 litres, superior to Humber Super Snipe three litres, but none superior 3.5 litre VF Valiant.

The colour is an iridescent Stormy Blue.


  1. Yes, we took it easy in our Mazda 2 when we first got it, for the first 1000km's at least. Still running like a dream, we are very pleased with it.
    Your blue is a nice blue, different to ours.
    RIP your old car as I see it in the post below.

  2. Running new cars in is a must...as is running over old MIL.

    Pretty motor, lovely taste!

  3. Looks good to me.

  4. Looks very nice! Could we get an internal shot as per the previous post? Of the car that is.

  5. Very nice and shiny. I'll have to stick with my pushbike unfortunately.

  6. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Centre rear arm-rest? I've not seen one of those for quite some time! My grandad had one in his Honda and my sister and I had so much fun pulling it down and putting it up again.

  7. They say you don't really have to Cazzie, but I think it is worth while.

    Thanks Jayne. Lesser penalty than normal if you run over a MIL.

    Thanks Ben.

    I will in a bit Rob. Pretty standard.

    Give the chain some oil for christmas Brian.

    Thanks Jen.

    Very useful for resting your arm on while holding a cocktail MD.

    Thanks Daisy. We are getting used to it, initially we weren't too sure.

  8. Wishing you lots of safe driving and kilometres from your new car.

  9. 'The colour is an iridescent Stormy Blue.' That is so Gay! The boi I found for you is wearing knickers the same colour, wasn't I clever?

  10. ... and who said I didn't I have a good taste in knickers. (Errrr, that would be knockers.)

  11. Ta Victor. It does need to last.

    Just as well he was wearing knickers Jahteh. Pc monitors taste awful.

    Knew you would be behind it LS. You are always behind something.