Monday, December 15, 2008

The new motor

I now have the new computer connected to the internet. I must keep saving my words as the bitch of a monster keeps restarting of its own accord. I am unsuccessfully so far trying to narrow the problem down.

Kezza who is about to reinvent himself most kindly offered to give advice regarding us choosing a new motor. It was too late as we had narrowed down to a head buy and a heart buy.

The Hyundia Lantra that I am about to get to be my own is a great car. As it has a spoiler on the rear and quite nice enough wheels, it looks ok even at eight years old. My 1985 Mazda 626 Super Deluxe does not look modern, but still not to bad. As the car sales person was was going through the list of features of our new car, I thought ho hum. They are are all on my old car. Ok, not steering wheel control for the wireless, or air bags, or ABS. But yes, air con works with the motorised swivelling central vent, adjustable shockers, absolute flat rear when the back seats are put down, head light washers (what a wank) and a plethora of courtesy lights.

Car sales people are so stupid when they are dealing with old queens. In the handbook for car sales people, it must say something along the lines that gays have plenty of disposable income. Flirt with them, mention your brother's 'partner' in a gender ambigous manner and see how they react. Seen and heard it all before. So tedious. Also tedious was when I was parking the test car and the sales lad became nervous about clearances and kept saying to me, check your mirrors. I don't park by mirrors. I park by looking over my shoulder, while I am still able to. I haven't got it wrong yet. Well, I have parked badly, but never hit anything. Oddly, the tighter the space, the better I am at fitting the car in first time. Give me a large space to park in and I am not so good.

I can never see the point of buying a new car when they devalue so much as you drive them out the door. However, R wanted a new car and at his age, he ought to have what he wants. The mortgage and a credit card are paying. We are good at repaying debts. Not so good at saving up for things. The nieces and nephew may be in for a surprise when the gay uncles die. 'They were effing well mortgaged to the hilt. Barely anything left for us.' And then they will read the wills and realise that most of the money has gone to preventing animal cruelty.

Ok, off topic. Refocus. Our heads told us a Hyundai Elantra, though their extremely competative pricing was not as good as it used to be, but still not too bad.

But our hearts said Mazda 3 Max Sport, and that is what we bought.

While I am terribly good at the theory of buying a car, I am not so good at putting it into practise. From the first price, a few thousand was knocked off and we, or someone (gnash teeth) readily agreed. I/we are not up to screwing for a mega price. I can do it in a Bangkok market, but not readily on home turf.

R observed and told me later that I was a grumpy old man (yes, and???) and the poor young kiddie salesperson had to send the big boss out to try to get some sort of connection with me. He tried, but I can tell you how many overhead lights and air con outlets there are at their spanking new showroom.

So the perfectly adequate for me 1985 Mazda 626 has been traded in and will go to the wreckers I suppose. I will get the year 2000 Hyundai to travel in to and from work. (ok, its air con is better and at least the heater and dash lights will work). R will have a heavily tinted Mazda 3 in a dark blue, with the after sales body and interior treatement, to drive to work and take us about as the need arises.

The sales boi insisted when we were test driving the car, that we try the brakes. Must say, ABS is well worth having. Full braking, dead stop with not a swerve.

We may have the new car later in the week, or at least before christmas.


  1. "...the tighter the space, the better I am at fitting..."

    Wow, you left yourself open with that!

    But I won't go there, lol.

  2. Check the memory on your computer. Run a memory test.

  3. Anonymous8:36 am

    I tend to be a 'head' rather than 'heart' person with big purchases like cars. But then I'd blow it all on some fancy trip somewhere, so hopefully I'm not a totally hopeless case.

  4. I heartily approve of the Mazda 3, did you end up with a sedan or hatch?

    As for 'buff and shine' or paint rust and fabric protection, I find it's a total rip-off. It costs the dealership about $100 and retails for anything up to $1500, I hope you didn't pay too much for it!

    Now all this talk of working air con has made me so jealous! Enjoy the new rides won't you!

  5. Noice early pressie for R :)

  6. Anonymous9:36 am

    I've never really had a good 'Hyundai experience'. To me, they're basically worst than any Japanese car; I'd rather buy myself a used Mazda 6.

  7. And not even intentional Victor.

    Thanks Panther. It is just so random. It might happen twice in five minutes and then be fine for hours and I cannot pin any pattern down. It will go back to the shop for attention tomorrow.

  8. I am very much a head person Jackie, but I must say, heart can be very pleasing too.

    Sedan Kezza. We didn't like the look of the hatch. I was pretty aware of the rip off of 'the treatment' but it was not just my decision. Inside, outside and heavy tinting, bout $1500. If it saves the dashboard from splitting for many years, it will be worth it.

  9. I am too good to him Jayne.

    I knew nothing about Hyundai when we bought it Reuben, but it has been trouble free motoring for eight years.

  10. Oh - Lovely! A girlfriend just bought herself a Mazda 3 - tis a spunky vehicle.
    And hopefully some young kid will buy the 85 model you traded and will love it like all young kids love their first car :)

  11. I hope so too Raelene. 'Tis too good to be crushed.

    Thanks for the links LS. On my list of never quite got them is The Goodies and Alexei Sayles Stuff. I still don't and don't call me Shirley.

  12. Ha! Andy B's getting a Mazda 2 soon.

    Whoever thought of putting wipers for your headlights was either a) very damn lazy or b) hoping that an extra gizmo would lead to differing from the competition and/or increasing the number of components that can and will break.

    As for AC, I've never really used it. My last car, the loyal and trusty 1986 Mazda 323 didn't have it. While the MG has it, I never use it. It screws the economy and is only worth having on during really hot days and driving over 80 (the speed where drag actually has an effect on performance. I know someone will say something there...).

  13. Hope it is not the bright red one that my brother has. It is an ok car.

    Th headlight washer piping started to leak, and over a week would empty the water storage. I sealed it off.

    I love my air con.

  14. We have the Mazda 2 in a lovely blue colour, we have no regrets in having bought her 2 years ago. It is a great safe little get-about. So easy to park, I bless it's little motor for the way I can park it anywhere in our very expensive to park car park at work. In and out, no fuss.

  15. Be the same as my brother's then Cazzie. Except his is fire engine red. What possessed him? You, staff shift worker have to pay?

  16. New computer, new car, what next?

    You should have asked them for a deal on two Mazda 3s, it always pays to buy in bulk. My cousins, a brother and sister, bought a pair of Corollas and managed to knock quite a bit off the price.

  17. Nothing next Ben. We are now in debt to the hilt.

  18. Yes, we pay quite a bit to park our motors, and sometimes we even have to jockey park and hand the keys to the guys to park it for us. I give them a warning look not to thrash her or remove tread from her little tyres...but they laugh, as I have always spoken to the attendants and they are nice. They even park the car closer than I left it for when I collect it..nice of them I reckon.