Monday, December 29, 2008

Little Bits

Our friend in Japan arrives this evening to stay with us for a couple of weeks. We are looking forward to seeing her. How many times will I able to slip into conversations that she is going to end up the little old gaijin woman on a walking stick in the Japanese village?

Don't give up your vices.

Dame M smoked and drank all her life. She never suffered ill health until the last couple of months before she died. Age 83

Sis in Law's father gave up smoking and heavy drinking at the age of 55 and before he died, he suffered bad health for many years. It was a miracle that he lasted to the age he did. Age 81.

Step Father never smoked and very rarely drank with only illness in the last couple of months of his life . Age 81.

From this scientific examination, I can only conclude, if you are bad, stay bad, if you are good, stay good. But don't give up your vices for the sake of your health.

I made sure Step Father dying was kept quiet at work. I did not want it to go up on the whiteboard that 'Andrew has (carelessly) lost his step father'. Office staff who needed to know were very nice. While I appreciate their kindness, I really wished that they would behave normally. Bowed heads and sotto voice was not necessary. Did they think I was about to burst into tears?


  1. "Don't give up your vices."

    Interesting you should say that, Andrew. The oldest woman in the world until recently (she was 120-something...and French, I think) had smoked all her life and then gave it up at the age of 118 because she'd decided it was bad for her health. Two years later she died. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.

  2. The bursting into tears was already done in the electrical goods shop Andrew. I am sure things will be just fine, they always are. You are only human right?
    When my nan died, I got cross at everyone acting weird and saying sorry to me. Perhaps they had no other way to act, or knew no other way. She lived with hubby and I and our first baby boy. It hit us pretty hard even though we knew the end would be near soon enough.
    Vices....I watched the Cher Farewell Concert, that I bought for my friend who is a mad Cher fan. During the concert, Cher says, "Just do it!" Her idea is that when you do get old, you can look back and say that, "oh, I oughtn't have done that, or, I wouldn't have done it any other way, either way, Just do it". LOL It made us cry laughing, because it is true!
    Anyway, my condolences to your mum and everyone touched with sadness....and the new year comes within days...2009 here we come!

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Brian's idea is unscientific (unlike most of his blogs, mind you...). But we all know smoking is bad for you in the same way we all know gay men like other men and we know that Indonesia is not a small teapot in Chicago...but rather a country.

  4. Anonymous11:56 pm

    I saw the news once ask who I suppose was the world's oldest lady at the time what she thought kept her healthy, and she said she drank a glass of whisky every day!

  5. Indonesia isn't a small teapot in Chicago???
    When was this decided and why wasn't I informed?!

  6. The thing about peoples reactions to a death in the family is that no one knows how you'll react even if they know that pain themselves and so it kind of numbs everyone into the same kind of reaction, appropriate or not.

  7. I've found reaction to bereavement a bit like Christmas: it's the thought that counts. When my folks passed on, I appreciated every word and gesture. Many felt it, and the others are at least prepared to go through the motions on my account. Still it is private and a wrong word can hurt.

  8. LOL at the Indonesia is not a small teapot in Chicago... poor Jayne!

  9. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Oh good! My current plan is to continue on, then.

  10. There you go Brian. I love the science of it.

    Yet Cazzie, some people get offended if you don't mention it. 2009 should be a better year. I kind of see Cher's point. You have to have a few regrets in life.

    We do know that Reuben. Brian was just adding more science to my already scientific study. I like the idea of the world's largest Moslem country being in Chicago.

    Just depends on the genes I guess TDW.

    Western people just are not good at the death thing Kezza.

    It is a pretty personal thing Lad. I suppose I am the opposite.

    Jayne is a bit of a wag isn't she Cazzie.

    We like you how you are Daisy.

  11. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Andrew, it's all part of my great plan of deception...which also involves some particularly pugnacious pairs of socks. More to come.