Friday, December 26, 2008

The brief version of a Highriser Christmas

Christmas Eve, work until midnight, bed just before two am. Up at 7.30 after been woken by the smell of roasting pork. R was up at 6 to put the roast on. Prepare everything for christmas dinner at ABI brother's place, except for christmas pudding which Sister cooked, the first year Mother has not done it. Highriser made the christmas cake in late October.

Realise along the way that we have forgotten frozen peas, ABI has some. Realise along the way, we forgot the roast chickens. Mother will only eat vegetable then as ham and roast pork does not seem to agree with her. I don't mention that it about shock to the system of a large meal and not what the meal was.

Drive to ABI brother's house, 1 hour, set up and decorate table, cook roast vegetables. 1pm Bone Doctor and Little Jo arrive. Ten minutes later, Sister and Mother arrive. Chat, eat christmas dinner, set off for hospital to visit Step Father. Sister calls from her car. Tradie brother arriving in 15 minutes. Turn around and back to ABI brother's. Wait half an hour and Tradie Brother arrives with girlfriend G. Point to fridge where there served meals are and head off for hospital.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo leaving hospital as we arrive. Sister red eyed.

Sister stays while Bone Doctor takes Little Jo back to ABI brother's where Tradie Brother and G are.

Supposed to be a short visit to hospital, but Step Father did not seem to want to doze off, given he has only a few days now. Sister had already cracked badly. R was next. Mother showed Step Father jewellry she had around her neck that he bought for her thirty plus years ago, that was the end of her. Highriser left the room and cracked. ABI brother left the room and cracked. Marvellous that we all did it seperately but of course in such awful circumstances, we had a good laugh too. Step Father's voice has pretty well gone, but all he wanted to talk about was Little Jo, or his Skip as he calls her (Joey, kangaroo, skipping joey, Skip. It is such a devastating shame that she is too young to remember him. She sees him and says birdies. She want's him to show her his now sold 100 odd budgeriegars.

Back to ABI brother's house for pudding and present giving and socialising with Tradie Brother's newish girlfriend G.

Finally leave at 6.10 to head home and realise we are supposed to pick up Dame M's Boarder and his female hairdresser friend to go to Brother Friends for second round of christmas, a tradition for about twenty years.

Call Dame M's Boarder and tell him we will be an hour late. Call Brother Friends and tell them we will be an hour late. Although R would have gone straight on, I am going home to shower. I was hot and sweaty and just need a few minutes at home.

Pick up Dame M's Boarder and hairdresser friend and drive half an hour to Brother Friends. Pleasant and relaxed evening, but all we really wanted to was be home after a such a bitch of a day. Leave Brother Friends at 11pm. R collapsed to his bed, and I am here doing my writing therapy.

Highriser thinks he will take a very selfish view of christmas next year. Not only was this the smallest number of people for christmas dinner, for various reasons, it was, as I warned R, just a lousy day.

Oh yes, Highriser drove the new car today. I turned on the ignition and the oddometer said 7km. By the time it arrived home tonight, it said something in the 200 plus km.

Feel lucky I am absoulutely whacked and you only got the short version.


  1. It quite often does finish up as a lousy day, doesn't it? I have to do it all over again for my family as we did The Love Of My Life's mob yesterday.

  2. Anonymous11:31 am

    Better than the day I had: installing a new computer.

  3. Next year will be a right bitch for everyone, book a restaurant now and do something different to ease the day along in 09.

  4. Yep Lad. So much work and all over in a day, well two in your case.

    Successfully it would seem Reuben.

    Good idea Jayne. He went at ten this morning.

  5. Short version of my Christmas Day. New tosser moved into rented house across road and played music loudly for 24 hours non-stop before somebody kicked his front window in.

  6. I guess he wasn't playing carols Brian. Hope you foot is ok.

  7. Andrew, my foot's fine...although it is itching to plant itself firmly up his arse if he bothers to return.