Thursday, December 11, 2008

Around the highrise #33

We call this the auto trolley. I don't know why or if that is even the correct term. I recall timber models being called tea trolleys. The chrome is due for a good clean. Just add it to the long list. The wheel protectors are bakelite. The wheels creak like four creaking doors opening at once. The glass had a sand blasted pattern. It only gets moved to vacuum under.

I suppose it is quite old. We acquired it when I killed our brother friend's mother. She clearly had no use for it subsequently and it did not fit the brothers house's decor, so it was given to us. We have had it for perhaps fifteen years and it has resided in four houses.

We are quite attached to it. Just looking at it now, I suppose it is Art Deco.

The wide based decanter was bought duty free in Christchurch in the early eighties. I am not sure what we were thinking. We paid $200 for it. What would that be in today's kilometres? Why so much? It is Waterford Crystal.

The two miniature bottles behind the decanter are spirits from Cyprus. We are not game to try them. The were gifts.

The water jug belongs to an expensive whisky glass set. All the glasses have gone. The present were also a gift.

They sit upon an inscribed silver tray presented to me after twenty seven years slavery for twenty five years slavery. No one noticed I had been there twenty five years until I had been for twenty seven. I keeps me 'ead down. The maid complains that he has to polish it as it tarnishes quickly.

Left over from R's abode in the seventies is the black plastic encased cigarette lighter. It was yellow, but we painted it black. No idea if it works or not. Doubt there would be gas in it.

The rest is just cheap crap.

How did I kill the brother friend's mother, I hear you wondering? We invited her and the brother friends for afternoon tea and I served my very special boiled fruit cake. That night she died in her sleep and the blame was firmly directed at my fruit cake.


  1. Anonymous11:50 am

    Not exactly my preferred style; I like wooden tables and trolleys. That said, it's unlikely I'd bother with getting a trolley. I don't really need one.

  2. It is indeed a sharp looking little unit, I'm a fan of art deco stuff and chances are now that all that gear is back in vogue you're sitting on (or at least your spirits are) a small fortune

  3. Being a fruit myself I've never been a great fan of fruit cake.

    Why do I have images of Noel Coward in my head when I look at that photograph?

  4. Yep, tis an Auto Trolley and a very nice little beast it is, too!
    I'll pass on the boiled fruit cake, ta, Andrew :P

  5. Looks just like the trolley they parked me on in the emergency ward at the Royal Melbourne whilst awaiting a triple kidney stone bypass.

    ... and there's a near identical Ship's decanter (currently packed to the gunwhales with amontillado sherry) at Chateau Sedgwick.

  6. Those ugly old tea trolleys Reuben. Dark timber and depressing.

    Yeah Kezza, probably is worth a bit. It is an original.

    Quite sweet too Victor. I don't make them anymore. I can't work out any connection to Noel Coward. You must have seen something in a fillum.

    When R had a shop Jayne, my fruit cake used to sell like hotcakes. Must look up this auto trolley name.

    Your trolley wasn't gilt edged then LS? Smart as always, of course, ship's decanter. Wide at the base for ship rocking and rolling. I had forgotten that. Ours only contains McWilliams Cream and is only there for emergency on the rocks purposes.

  7. Ok, so, now...just so I do not have to cook...could you come around this weekend and cook me a fruit cake then? Of course I shall give it to someone who is no longer wanted, LOL.
    The trolley, I LOVE it! I believe, and I will seek verification of it, that my Grandpa had one of these when he was Grand-poo-bah of the Freemason's Masonic Lodge in Newport.... lots of swizzle sticks, ummm, I think it was a silver soda atomizer thingy..I used to like to tinkle with the thing, of course, I was not supposed to (winks).

  8. The old Newport Freemason's lodge is near my place. It was a huge collectibles emporium until they packed up and moved to Daylesford about two years ago. The building is still empty. It was up for sale but I don't know what happened.

  9. My Great Aunt Dorothy had a similar trolley, and although she usually served tea from it (with a beautiful silver tea service), she always called it the Cocktail Trolley.

  10. Anonymous12:04 pm

    I like dark fact I like a lot of dark things. Nice atmosphere.

  11. Those bakelite spats are fantastic and would lift the sale value over the $250 other deco trolleys bring.
    The Waterford decanter was a bargain.
    The mother of your brother's friend was probably pleased to have a nice afternoon tea send-off.
    Think positive.
    X X X from me

  12. Those soda siphon things used to fascinate me too Cazzie.

    Don't think the old Freemasons would have liked it used for such commercialism.

    I haven't heard it called that before Altissima.

    I used to like dark Reuben, not so much now.

    She did say to her sons that she had a lovely afternoon Ann.

  13. I've liked dark ever since I became an artist (three months ago) and a Peeping Tom (all my life).

    Dissecting room. Monash.

  14. Looks like some sort of steam punk chemistry set. I like.

  15. Hehe Ben. There would be some serious chemical combos there if you mixed them all together.