Monday, November 17, 2008

Where am I?

So where am I when I took this photo? No one will guess what I was doing there. What Jayne? You guessed? How clever you are. Explanation in a subsequent post.


  1. Ummm banks of the Murray River?
    And you were, errr, excavating a Roman temple ? :P
    Was excellent weather for your outing today ;)

  2. Were you using a metal detector?

  3. Not sure where you were (Hampton Beach?), but I know exactly what you were doing...

    You were taking a photo.

    Oh I am so very clever.

  4. Somewhere abominably hot, disgusting and harsh. I don't even want to think about it.

  5. Salinity levels would be about the same Jayne.

    I am not quite that nerdy MD. Oh dear, who have offended now.

    Pretty closeAltissima. Brighton Beach near Dendy Street. Astonishingly, you guessed correctly. But what took me to Brighton Beach?

    Yeah Reuben, you have never struck me as a beach type person. Was just nice and sunny with a cool breeze.

  6. Good heavens, I saw the Westgate and thought it was Laverton, but what the hell would you be doing there?

    Hello darlings. Yes, you know it's me, Uncle RH, wishing you extreme joy.
    Merry Christmas, that's what I want to say, even though it's late by Kmart's clock, ho ho ho. Miss Jane will be finding something unusual in her stocking this year, and no, it won't be RH's hand!- ha ha ha, unfortunately. All the same, I do have a prospect lined up: hush hush, say no more, one must be discreet. Hmm. Yes. Well I'm not always discreet -not afterwards, the fellas like a good story. And disgrace makes the world go round.