Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What Race?

I was on a tram on my way into town. I had my Walkman to listen to the big race that seems not to stop a nation. It was around 3pm. What are all those people doing staring up the big tv screen in Fed Square? By the time I was at Bourke Street, I thought I better switch the Walkman on. What??? The race was over.

That will learn me. The day before I was moaning on about how the race gets later and later each year. Not quite as late as I thought.

From what I saw while I was out and about, generally women's dress ups were pretty good on the day. What about the chicks who dress for the Melbourne Cup, but don't actually go, and just loll about town all day?

I cannot say the same about the dress standard on Derby Day, the previous Saturday. It is supposed to black and white, but this was widely ignored. Men and women alike looked disgraceful. I have since learnt that the name is the baby doll dress. Who on earth thought that putting the waist line of dress under the bust was a good look, should be shot. Unattractively vile!

Good to see some Asian and Indian heritage people attending in higher numbers this year.

Tomorrow is Oaks Day, and if my memory serves me well, it is all class when the lasses arrive and drunken slatterns when they leave. That is how it should be.

Then after a couple of weeks of rest, the preparations for christmas will start. Christmas goods will appear in shops, the tree will go up in the city square and retailers will talk of the doom and gloom of poor christmas sales.


  1. No 'visualisations of nudity' of Members of the Public Andrew?

    I guess that's just me mentally undressing and caressing people.

  2. Baby doll style should be used only for erotic night attire in shades of fire engine red, black and OMG-that-pink-is-burning-my-retinas.

  3. Big christmas tree went up in the city 2 weeks ago.

    Christmas decorations were in the shops the day after Easter.

    Also, I like to think the term "mutton dressed as lamb" generally applies to most women attending race days.

  4. I can't wait until I'm out of work today to watch all the 'classy lasses' carrying their shoes home from (bl)Oaks Day. Thanks to Toni Pearin and Gretel Kileen I now cringe at the sight of a baby-doll dress, I mean if I were to wear the waist of my pants that high... well I don't really want to consider the consequences although I'm sure the end result would look like I was trying to smuggle a rodent out of the country.

    Oh well, that'll be the hype done with until Christmas now, bloody lovely!

  5. Perhaps Reuben, but certainly no-one in a baby-doll dress.

    Quite so Jayne. So which is your preferred colour?

    Really Andy? Far too early!!! You get the odd bit of overdressed mutton, but generally, I don't think so.

    Harry High Pants, Kezza. Dunno where that expression came from.