Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a terrible tragedy. If you are in Australia, you have probably heard about the drowning, but if not, check the tale out here. To lose a child or partner must be devastating. To lose two children and your partner simultaneously is unimaginable. When I first heard the story, I was all ready to sheet some blame to the father, but apart from him taking them there instead of wrapping them in cotton wool, there is no blame to put on anyone. It is just one of those things.

Of course it is not unknown. Essendon airport plane crash and Port Arthur shooting immediately come to mind.

Once again the Highrise is pondering the death of someone close and the complications that ensue. But daily I live in terror of anything happening to Little Jo. I see sense in having lots of children, lest something happen to one or more of them.

I/we were a bit sceptical when Sister announced she was going to have a baby. God, what sort of mother will she make? But she and the Bone Doctor are marvellous mothers with a child so spoilt by love, I feel sad for any child who does not even have half as much. Don't worry though, her life will not always be so great with two mummies and no daddy.

But it is not all about me for a change. How that poor woman in NSW can go on, I cannot possibly imagine. My heart goes out to her.


  1. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Oh, that poor mother.

  2. Indeed Daisy. My cynical self wants to imagine he used to beat her up and she is glad to be rid of him at least, but I have no conviction.

  3. In 2002 we had 3 brothers from our footy club killed in a car accident, I still think of the mother and wonder how she gets by after such a tragedy. You could never get over it.

  4. As a mum of three (ages 9,7, and 6), I could not bear it if anything happened to any of my not so tiny babies, nor could I cope if anything happened to my husband. What this poor Mum/ Wife must be going through and their families. My heart goes out to them all. yet another reminder this world thows at us to cherish what we have, and not to sweat the small stuff- any day could be our last. Going to give my family an extra kiss and cuddle tonight.

  5. Another one of those tales where tears automatically spring to your eyes on every mention. Also makes you appreciate the people in your life.
    Nice one Andrew. I like your honesty in your writing. Lovely.

  6. I still feel for the mother of the 3 boys who drowned when the fathers car drove into that dam - utterly devastating and gutting.

  7. I have a hazy memory of it Guru Ann. Good luck on the 29th.

    Thanks Kate and Raelene.

    Yes, another bad one Jayne.