Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's question and taking mother to hospital

I saw an advertising sign yesterday that said XXX Brazilian. I thought a Brazilian by its very nature was triple XXX. Are there hairs growing in some place I don't know about and haven't been to?

Mother needs to attend the Eye and Ear Hospital tomorrow. As step father is incapacitated, like having a plastic liver stent replaced by a metal one, it is left to the adoring offspring to provide transport. Sister was going to take her but complained to R about what a long and tiring day it would be for Little Jo and she would miss playgroup. Sister has been marvellous about carting Mother around and poor Little Jo. Murrumbeena to Pakeham to City to Pakenham with hours of wait in between. Oldest son must step up to the crease.

I don't start work this week until 4pm, so I said to Sister that I would take Mother to the hospital and she could just take her home. I have snatched R's Etag for freeway motorway travel and I will drive to Pakenham in the morning and take Mother to the hospital.

Oh that it was so simple to just drop her off and Sister to pick her up when she is ready to leave. No, we will have lunch in the canteen, I will see my first appointment and Oldest Son will then escort me to the next floor for my next appointment as I am afraid of the lift.

Of course she informed me of this through R who she knows has an ability to make me do as I am told, or at least lay a guilt trip on me.

I was seriously bitten bigtime back in the nineties by hospital parking when I had to collect my father from the Royal Melbourne, so I was now very stressed about parking at the hospital. Mother has disabled thing to place on the dashboard, but if I used it, how do I get it back to her in the waiting room when I leave? My car would then be illegally parked. I hate driving in the city and nothing stresses me more than worrying about parking. I am nearly an old man and after collecting Mother from Pakenham, listening to her talk non stop, having lunch and hanging around, I have to work from 4pm until 1am. No one seems to notice this.

But I won't have family saying I did not do my bit, so I will suffer and really it is about not laying too much on Sister and not overtaxing Little Jo.

R's initial respone was, just pay for the parking you stupid old queen.

Far from perfect in his phrasing, but R is brill at times. He solved the problem later, reduced my stress levels and I don't know why I did not think of it.

Collect Mother, drive home, get a cab with Mother to the hospital and when you leave, get the tram home.

This is a one off for me. Mother has been spoilt all her life transport wise and even though she is nearly seventy five, I think she can at least not hesitate when catching a lift and therefore not risk the doors closing on her. Transport will always be provided, but company not always.


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    The eye and ear is a decent hospital; my dad has had several eye operations recently complaints so far.

  2. "I saw an advertising sign yesterday that said XXX Brazilian."

    The censors had just crossed out the first word, that's all.

  3. Only three XXX Brian. You are on the wrong track.

  4. Mother has received quite good treatment there too Reuben.

  5. Paying for hospital parking = donating an arm/leg/first born. They have you by the XXX short and curlies and they know it.

  6. I think a non-XXX Brazilian is one where all hair is left in place au naturale, from what I've seen of Brazilian women on the internets this probably isn't the way to go, which reminds me, I need to book in for one soon with summer just around the corner. Would anyone like to come and hold my hand?

    As for hospital parking, I cannot believe how ridiculous it is, so I'm glad you were able to work out a solution, otherwise you'd almost me forced to take out a personal loan just for a day at the hospital.

  7. Public transport is the only way to beat those dreadfully high car park charges.

  8. Or coming by ambulance (so long as you're covered that is!)

  9. FYI, Brian.

    I saw something on the Tullamarine freeway (Sorry Brian, that's local info, but any major pommy freeway will suffice) which advertised XXXX Brazilian.

    Foolishly i was seduced by the advertising.

    Radical alopecia is my new friend.

  10. Segers,

    That'd be a Brazilian created after several Castlemaine Four Xs, an exercise that usually results in a professional outcome being nipped in the bud.

  11. Nips and buds!

    You're talking my language and predelictions Fleetwood Macca.

    (Runs away quickly before Coppertop aims her size 12 high heels in the region of me twinpack dangly nurglers.)

  12. ..and Shirl you'll have to take a number and your place at the back of the queueueueueue. (Coppertop has first dibs.)

  13. R is the cool voice of logic, then, eh?

  14. Dear Hotness, sometimes we get ourselves in such a tangle over something that we cannot see the simple way though - R is once, again a Treasure.
    And a Gold Stamp on your Son Book.

  15. I shan't pay under any circumstances Rob.

    I am an expert at dealing with unwanted hair Kezza. Call me.

    As it turned out, public transport would have been a lot quicker Jayne, but it was a pretty warm day.

    At least two tradies there Rob, not by ambulance though, both with work eye injuries.

    I'll just leave Tezza and Bwian to chat among themselves. Brian, I thought you weren't going to comment on anyone's site who allowed Robert to comment? What were you doing in a motor car on a freeway M'lord?

    Not normally Daisy. He is the really emotional one. I am the logical one, but he is not a fool.

    In this case he was Ann. But you and I would need to have a serious chat before you married him.

  16. Andrew,

    I suspect it won't take long before Robbert returns to the High Riser at which point, unfortunately, I'll be forced to leave for more salubrious climes. It's nothing's just that I can't stand to be on the same planet as him.

  17. oh Brian stop fretting - he sure aint on the same planet as we are.

    Hot Andrew: the Eye Hosp injuries are very frequently gardening and sporting in origin.
    Many people are freaked out by eye injury, but since I survived coping with someone's, I now know how tough our eyes are.
    ADVICE: always wear plastic eye goggles when home renovating, particularly when demolishing anything.

  18. Ground control to Major Tom

  19. Brian, he has promised me he will not be personally insulting to anyone on my blog. Well, I asked him not to be and I don't think he will.

  20. But he can't help being a little provocative at times, see above.

  21. Ah Ann, I reckon you are correct. Years ago a neighbour heard a noise next door, she was a young lass, not a peeping tom, and she looked through a hole in the fence, and the kid next door jammed a stick through the hole and into her eye. She recovered in a few days. Horrible though.

  22. Andrew, he promised everyone several times that he was going to bugger off and stop abusing people. Unfortunately he lied. The internet is littered with his foul-mouthed abuse directed at well meaning people without provocation.

    I can't reach compromises with people like Robbert because, well, frankly he's not to be trusted. He can't keep his mouth, his bigotted opinions or his vile abuse under control.

    It's a pity, because I've always enjoyed your ramblings, but c'est l' vie. I'm off. See you round like a pickled onion.


  23. Boy, this is outright hysteria.

  24. that kid next door is probably on remand as we speak.

    I came back to mention that Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony has a great story about her son in recovery at the Eye and Ear.
    do visit and be amazed at The Boy
    (I have met him and he is a wonderful child)

    hope all is well Chez Highrise

  25. I will take a look Ann, thanks.