Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Matters

I have too many matters swirling in my head, so instead of making multiple posts, I will combine them all into one. I am doing you a favour, as you will spend much less time reading.

Hilton Hotel opening at Melbourne's Docklands! First I have heard of it.

We complain about our train system in Melbourne and we have our share of public transport announcements that never come to fruition but Sydney takes first prize in this area. Take a look at New York Ian's post about NSW public transport initiatives that have never happened.

Sad to hear that author Ivan Southhall died. I loved his books when I was a teen. Jayne posted about him here and in an email to Jayne I mentioned one of the books, Hill End, which is also the name of a town near where I used to live. The book is of course called Hills End. Others I recall reading were Ash Wednesday and Finn's Folly.

A State Government Opposition Party member coined a new phrase this week when discussing the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill. All but two Government members, and they had Middle Eastern names, voted for the bill, and one opposition member from the Liberal Party voted for it. What a disgrace! My niece surely is entitled to full recognition as having two parents, that is Sister and the Bone Doctor. Ok, I understand politics and that is the be all and end all of your existence and that is all about votes, but Liberal Party, this is my niece you are talking about. Are you really so bad that would deny her her parents? Anyway, what was the point of having a conscience vote when the vote pretty well went along party lines? Liberal MP Inga Peulic came up with a stupid phrase to match her stupid self, 'the socially infertile'.

Sis in law is missing her father greatly and is somewhat tearful. She misses him saying, Cuppa tea Fat Bum?, when she arrived home from work.

All doom and gloom, so how about something nice to end on? A Queensland woman saved a horse from a knackery just because she liked the look of it. She paid $600 for it and after doing some exhaustive research, it turned out to be a half sister to Melbourne Cup winner Viewed. It has foaled and the foal is worth about $100,000. A good deed rewarded.


  1. Such a shame politicians traditionally trade their brain in for a rat on a wheel when they get elected... some even come ready with the rat.
    That is a bonus for that Qld woman, indeed!

  2. Don't be too happy...the world's an unhappy place, Andrew.

  3. It is infuriating at times Jayne. More when you know that someone votes in a certain way and they are not voting in the way they feel. I know some Libs are reasonably decent people.

    Me happy Reuben? Little danger of that.

  4. Happiness is in helping others more fortunate than yourself.

    It makes them happy.


  5. Andrew,

    Boo to those who forget the reality of their political stances. Socially infertile...what? Was she referring to her own awareness level /interaction style? What a horrible, dehumanising label.

    Glad about the horse though. I love that story.

  6. And when did you help someone more fortunate than yourself Robert?

    her own awareness level /interaction style? I like it LiD.

  7. Nearly all are more fortunate than me Andrew.