Friday, November 21, 2008

Nephew Update

After Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Helsinki and London, the 'dreaded' one has settled into a nice and large apartment in Paisley, just out of Glasgow. He cycles or catches the train into his new job at the grandly named Carling Academy, a live music venue of some note. He is earning the sum of £6 an hour, crap money in anyone's language, even more so if translated to Aussie dollars, and and don't even mention Euros. Most of his communications mentions the word, cold. I don't think he will be cycling to work for much longer.

He must take a bit after my mother, his grandmother, as he wrote her and my step father a seven page letter full of news. He will be sorry. She is replying and she is up to page twelve with no end in sight. We communicate with him via R's Facebook site. Not my preferred method of coummication but you have to indulge the young a bit.

He plans to travel to the Continent as soon as he has enough money. I think the Uncles may send him a bob or two for christmas. Of course we will fight about it. R, generous to a fault, will say a high figure, yours truly with Scottish blood will say a low figure, and we will meet somewhere in the middle.

His girlfriend here of a couple of years will travel to see him next year and may transfer her employment to the London office of her employer for a bit.

And yes, he is adoring Glasgow. I knew he would. (Waves to Jackie)

I am now off to tidy our place in preparation for a a visit this evening by Little Jo. Pointless really as she will have stuff everywhere in five minutes. Sister and the Bone Doctor are going to see John Cougar. Is that the Mellencamp chappie?


  1. Ahhh, to be young and have the energy to cycle anywhere lol.

  2. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Send him $1,000 for xmas, the poor boy.

  3. Your Mum must have a ripper letter she sends to all the rellies at Christmas lol.

  4. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Glasgow is a nice place, I heard (so long as one avoids the 'Eastern districts).

  5. My bike riding plans are on hold Jayne.

    I'll do no such thing Anon. I was thinking $20.

    Nah, she never got into that LiD. Not many rells either.

    Would that be the area that was or is known as The Gorbals, Reuben?