Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mum being sensible

In spite of her pretence at being vague, vacant, superficial and hopeless at doing anything out of ordinary, except she does claim expertise in the gardening area, remember the quote I mentioned in the past, something along the lines of, I am gardener, not a sewer or cook. (ok, it is an hanging sentence) She is certainly neither of the latter two.

Just very occasionally, she will let her mind drift to something that is not about her. In Pakenham on a Sunday to take her to the hospital to see Step Father, she pointed out the bus. They have just recently started running on Sundays, she said. Not many people using them but I think it is a good idea and in time people will use the bus. Perhaps it still is all about her, thinking of bus services when step father can't drive. Today I rang the Taxi Directorate to request forms to apply for half price taxi fares for Mother and Step Father.

When we were going to the Eye and Ear hospital in the cab, she pointed to a building in Flinders Street. Andrew, was that the State Theatre? Yes Mother, later some nutter religious group was using it, but I don't know for what. To my shame, I added Jehovahs or something like that, just in case the taxi driver thought it might have Hindi temple and I called his religion a nutter one. Mother had done such a good job of charming him, I did not want a silly religious problem to undo her work.

Must say, the old State Theatre, now known as The Forum, and has been for a long time, is looking very shabby. I don't mind it like that. I had no idea what it is presently being used for, but the in the way of the internet and blogging, Kiki provided the answer.

Mind you, nothing could be as beautiful as Sydney's State Theatre, well, as it was in the early eighties.


  1. You're not off base by calling that particular group nutters. I got a handwritten letter in the mail from one of them a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm scared to go outside. :)

  2. A snapped tendon is an extreme way to not go outside Daisy.

  3. Love that theatre but looking like the seedy venue for rough trade these days. ;)

  4. Sydney's State Theatre is still beautiful inside.

  5. High decibels won't do the plasterwork much good Jayne.

    Still looked to be Ok when I checked the website Victor. I just recalled that we went to see Flesh Gordon there. Bad idea!