Monday, November 03, 2008

Keating: The Musical and The War

We had a couple of spare hours Saturday afternoon and took the time to watch Keating: The Musical on dvd. It was broadcast on ABC2 a little while ago and a friend recorded it for us.

Who would have thought a musical could be made about a former Prime Minister. It was a jolly good show and well worth our time and it is a show I would have liked to see on stage.

The production was by the very established and respected Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, Sydney. The theatre rose from the remains of the Nimrod Theatre in the eighties.

Mike McLeish, who played Keating, was just brilliant and looked very sexy in his first scene on the stage.

Speaking of Keating, the bitter old man is now trying to spoil people's fun by dissing what has become big business in Turkey. Many young and not so young Australians trek to the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey for our remembrance of war day, ANZAC Day. It makes Australians feel very patriotic and with a doubt, it is very moving.

I just thank someone that young Australians are now cynical enough to not be sent off to be picked off like sitting targets, so I have a lot of sympathy with the view Paul Keating expressed in a recent speech. Here is a clip from his speech.

The truth is that Gallipoli was shocking for us. Dragged into service by the imperial government in an ill conceived and poorly executed campaign, we were cut to ribbons and dispatched.

And none of it in the defence of Australia. Without seeking to simplify the then bonds of empire and the implicit sense of obligation, or to diminish the bravery of our own men, we still go on as though the nation was born again or even, was redeemed there. An utter and complete nonsense.


  1. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Anyone, in my view, who flaunts their patriotism deserves no sympathy; unless of course they're insane which is altogether possible.

  2. Never liked Keating, he has a rat-face...oops, was that bitchy? Good, it was intentional :)
    The very word Gallipoli makes me think of our Diggers, "Lest We Forget" them and their suffering families, present generations also included.
    I was going to rattle on and on... I could do it too, but I won't. Sore points when it is about the dissing of remembering our fallen, and remembering we still have service men and women out there now too. Stoopid Keating!

  3. Saw the musical when it was broadcast on Aunty - loved it, still humming some of the songs ("I'm the man - he's the man - the leader of the land").
    Keating's a tosser as a human being, though.
    Often wondered if he's slightly Asperger's with his rudeness and poorly constructed social comments.

  4. For some reason I haven't got this dvd in my collection. Mind you my collection of dvds is a bit restricted. I've got one full of Daffy Duck cartoons and another with Kind Hearts and Coronets on it that came free on the front of my Mum's copy of the Sunday Telegraph.

  5. Fleetwood, you have a DVD of Daffy Duck? Marry me! Strike that unless the DVD contains Duck Dodgers and the Martian.

    Andrew, people get so caught up in this that they forget how many other nationalities landed that day including a large Indian contingent. The Australians were more innovative in how they fought and survived the carnage despite the poms-in-charge trying to kill them off. The Anzacs had more respect for the Turks.

  6. Then you are fortunate Reuben that generally Australians don't exhibit a lot of patriotism.

    I understand Cazzie, but I feel angry when I think about how many lives were needlessly lost, for no gain.

    Better memory than me Jayne, even though I sat down and gave it my full attention. I was never keen on Keating, but he was good with insults.

    I think we have four more dvds than you Brian.

    Jahteh, I readily switch between being emotional about Gallipoli and then angry. Actually, I did not have knowledge of the Indians. More lambs to the slaughter.

  7. OMG!
    You've got Kind Hearts and Coronets, Brian?!
    I love that movie!!!

  8. More canadians were killed in WW1 than Australians.
    Our LightHorse troops shot their faithful Walers rather than leave them to Turkish treament of animals.
    Is there a RSPCA there?
    Have women got the vote yet?