Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Green Guide succumbs to public pressure

I call it the GG. The Age Green Guide, the television supplement, and I have been friends for over twenty years, no more. I was there when it faded to almost white, and I was there went it got its first staples. The closer I read it, the less tv I have to watch to stay informed on trivial tv matters. The tech section always has something of interest to read.

What seemed like a good idea to The Age, and to me at the time, was to rejig the day GG starts its weekly listing. The GG is in Thursday's copy of the paper and used to start the list on Friday. This meant you had two GGs hanging around on Thursday night. The starting day was altered to Thursday. Ah, good, I can chuck one out on Thursday morning and the new one will arrive with the listing for that night's viewing.

Clearly I should have thought a bit more about it. You see the paper does not arrive until R gets home from work. I would then normally take it to work on Friday to read, and then the GG would be home for Friday night's viewing. I can still take it to work on Friday if I am only working during the day, but as I am not this week, I had to work it out differently.

The was a doco on a couple of dykes on tv on Thursday night, and I would have missed it had I not heard about it on the radio. In the past, the details would have been in the previous week's GG.

Clearly a lot of people were having issues, and so, it has been adjusted back to what it has been for as long as I can remember.

They made some other minor changes too. The font size for the radio guide was so small, it required a magnifying glass. Bet you couldn't read it Jayne. I could just with strong reading glasses on and in a bright light.

There were a few other minor adjustments and apart from the Tech section now being white, it is pretty well back to how it was. Change for the sake of change is marvellous, a marvellous waste of time.


  1. I never read it for that reason alone, Andrew.
    Oh, and the dipstick TV reviewer who stated that the new Doctor Who (then with Chris Eccleston) was a waste of time, no plotline and full of rubbish.
    You can see that it couldn't be allowed in the house! ;)

  2. Anonymous11:55 am

    You can't trust reviewers; look no further than Christian Fundamentalist Barney Zwartz, the religion editor of The Age who labelled 'The God Delusion' as wicked and twisted.
    I don't care about reviews too; if they reviewed 'The Prisoner (1970)', they would probably label it tripe (despite my love for the show).

  3. Bugger! I didn't realise they no longer published the 'Listener In'.

  4. With you on that Jayne. I liked Eccleston too.

    I would label Prisoner tripe too, but very entertaining tripe Reuben.

    Tezza, what was the pink or yellow newspaper type tv guide?

  5. It was that, same size as the Herald Sun, but not sure of the color. Think it later became "The Listener In TV".

    The Sporting Globe was pink - was advertised by Bill Collins on 3DB as "the pinky with the punch"

    And here's a bit of nostalgia for you. (PDF file) Mentions The Listener In somewhere.

  6. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Tripe? Tripe? You're begging to be shot here Andrew.

  7. "Tripe? Tripe?"

    He's just being offal, Rubes.

  8. I met Bea? Bee? at a charity fun raiser once Reuben and exchanged hellos with Lizzie when she was in her front garden. Are you jealous?

    Melbourne Observer was interesting, especially the hospital patient wired for sound.

  9. Anonymous3:52 pm

    No, I'm actually confused...and a little perturbed.

  10. Highriser takes out his spectacles, cleans the lenses and carefully reads what RVB wrote in his first comment and then feels very foolish as RVB was referring to a movie, not a tv show.

  11. Add me to the confusion caused by young pups like Rueben.

    I was thinking you were referring to Bea Miles ... an eccentric with whom Queen Bea would have had come of second best. (Chuck the other Bea, Bea Arthur into the mix and ... well, it'd be every man and Patrick McGoohan for himself!)

  12. The new magazine size format is good, a lot easeier to handle. Last week we had no idea what was on TV on Thursday night when they went back to Friday-Thursday listings. I reckon they should do an 8 day Thursday to Thursday listing, keeps everyone happy.

  13. M'lord, you have confused me even more. We shall drop it, hey.

    Highriser rises from the computer chair and checks GG, and yes Ben, it is smaller. I never noticed. Nice lateral thinking on your part, yes to eight days.