Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Seemed ages since we had been to Docklands and on such a perfect day weather wise, as Sunday was, it was a good chance to see the new observation wheel before the hoards descend when it begins operation.

The quickest way there for us would probably be the 86 tram in Bourke Street, but we took the more scenic route on the 48 from Flinders Street.

It was a day of surprises. Last time I looked, there was nothing but the beginnings of construction on the southern side of Flinders Street between King Street and the Aquarium. Now it is line of offices and apartments and well on the way to completion.

Turned right after passing Chrissie Nix's work digs and new office and apartment buildings abounded at Docklands. We stayed on the tram to the fairly new tram terminus known as Waterfront City. I was astonished to find a whole new area had opened up with shops and apartments at the foot of the observation wheel. The wheel looked to be set to go and while we certainly won't be among the first on it, I am looking forward to a ride.

While there were plenty of eating places, we had own mind set on fish and chips in the old part of Docklands. We made our way to the waterfront past all the celebrity stars embedded in concrete and I had not seen these statues before. As well as Melba, there was one of Kylie, Graham Kennedy and John Farnham. The facial expression on the Kylie statue was ghastly.

The weather was just sublime. Do not vist Docklands whent there is a blustery hot north wind, nor when there is a strong and freezing southerly blowing. The atmosphere was quite good and the area busy with people and a small market had set up along the water's edge.

We had intended having fish and chips, but instead took a table at the same place we took my mother and step father to last year. It was lovely sitting near the water and watching the acivity and the people. A jug of Stella and a Greek barbecued lamb salad and we felt very content.

As we walked back to catch the 86 tram to the city for some shopping, our expedition was nicely rounded off by seeing two lads fishing. You don't see that often now.

The wheel as viewed shortly after we alighted from the tram.

A closeup.
You just would not believe the number of apartments that are at Docklands. This one above the shops was a not so pretty shade of pink. Various surfaces and colours have been used.
Half tennis balls make a yet to be opened shop hoarding a bit bit more interesting.

This hoarding art work was made up of hair combs and hair brushes. Is that the Wella picture?

The Melba life sized statue. She looks different to how I have seen her in photos.

The Greek style barbecue lamb and salad. Jug of Stella visible.

Lads with their lines in the water. Ok, yes they were quite cute.


  1. "The facial expression on the Kylie statue was ghastly."

    An accurate likeness then?

  2. The Melba life sized statue. She looks different to how I have seen her in photos.

    Would that be photos of before or after her fatal plastic surgery face lift, Andrew ? :P

  3. I haven't been to the Docklands area for such a long time, something about the area makes me a little uncomfortable though, or it has in the past, I am dying to take a ride on the wheel though, I've been watching it go up bit by bit from Footscray Road, so now I just want it up and running.

    And a statue of Disco-midget Minogue??? You've got to be kidding, I thought that they were trying to remove the trash from the CBD and surrounds, not enshrine it.

  4. Anonymous11:12 am

    The meal looks good...but from what I hear, Docklands is rather pricey for lunch and the like.

  5. Brian, touch and go when you criticise our Kylie.

    Who Jayne? Melba?

    I have visited it since construction began Kezza. It has improved muchly but not very nice on a weekday with it feels soulless.

    The food was $17 Reuben. Not too bad. We stayed home on Saturday night and so could justify it.

  6. Anonymous2:01 pm

    $17 isn't bad, I suppose.

  7. You can tell a Wella Woman by the way she wears her hair,
    You can tell a Wella woman anywhere!

    Is Kylie a Wella woman I wonder?

  8. Very good Ian. Doubt Kylie would know what gets put in her hair by her hair artist.