Saturday, November 15, 2008

City Disruption

Friday 7th November, Opening of Myer christmas windows, presumably Bourke Street closed to trams.

Sunday 9th November, Myer Santa Arrival, Bourke Street closed to trams.

Thursday 13th November, Aviva Investors Melbourne Mile, St Kilda Road southbound closed to traffic causing massive traffic build ups and incidental disruption to tram services.

Saturday 15th November, Myer christmas parade, Swanston Street, Bourke Street and Elizabeth closed to trams.

Sunday 30th November, Great Australian Fun Run, Swanston Street closed to trams.

What is the point of trams going into the city at all?

A friend tells me that Friday night trams were disrupted in Swanston Street due to cars being being driven into and unable to clear intersections at Latrobe Street, Lonsdale Street and Flinders Street with one tram sitting at Latrobe Street for ten minutes before the traffic cleared a bit.

City of Melbourne, who would co-operate with these constant disruptions, Yarra Trams, the operator of the trams, Victoria Police, whose reponsibility it is to control motor car traffic and prosecute illegal actions by motorists, City of Melbourne again and Vic Roads who are responsible for road design, all take a bow as either not caring and/or not being interested, or just plain incompetent.


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Plain incompetence sounds like an accurate explanation. I'm also concerned that, after a few decades of being in power, Labor have not acted on 'tram priority' traffic light programming - instead, cars are on as equal footing as trams, despite the obvious ramifications and injustice.

  2. Loathe as I am to defend, there are quite a lot of priority lights for trams Reuben. There should be a lot more. But you have to remember, delayed car traffic often means delayed trams. Unlike twenty years ago when trams delayed traffic, now it is traffic congestion delaying trams. Much could be done though.

  3. Ban cars from the CBD.
    Ban nonsense fun runs from the CBD.
    Ban Jennifer "Ho Ho" Hawkins from everything and let the Myer Santa say "Ho,Ho,Ho" to kiddies again.
    *We at the Subversive Conspiracy Corp. believe they had to ban it due to kiddies fathers getting neck strain looking for Jen each time they heard it.

  4. Certainly no need for cars in Swanston, Elizabeth, Bourke and perhaps a couple of others Jayne. I recall Kiki said he met her once and she was not the brightest spark in the room.

  5. I like how 3 out of 4 of those disruptions are "Myer xxx".

    Although I do prefer their unplanned Myer Fire ones.

  6. There is a bit of a theme there Andy.