Friday, November 14, 2008

Burns Day and Night

I am not quite sure why in the 21st century that this South Yarra street corner needs to be lit by a four mantle gas lamp, but I like the extravagant gesture.


  1. Well, there has to be some way of burning off all the gas produced by politicians, so presumably this is it.

  2. It's a time vortex and they need the authentic lighting for when the likes of Little Billy Hughes or Alfred Deakin pop in for a look-see.

  3. Perhaps, due to a lack of council funding this lamp simply never got upgraded to electricity?

    Anything is possible, especially for a 'poor' suburb like South Yarra.

  4. There are a fair few pollies in the area Brian.

    Not an implausible idea Jayne.

    City of Melbourne strikes again Kezza.

  5. Anonymous10:58 am

    That's Melbourne Water trying to devise a new way of dealing with gas from their sewerage plant.

  6. I like it. The building behind it is gorgeous too.

  7. So we will see more of these gas lamps Reuben. I want one out the front of our place.

    So do I Daisy. I think there are four two storey Victorian terrace houses in a row there. But if they were unrenovated inside, they would be very dark and dingy, although cool in the summer. We have so gone backwards on house building for summer weather.

  8. Anonymous1:32 pm

    I hope so; they add a nice atmosphere.