Monday, October 13, 2008

Weirdness in the Highrise

I feel I am a little suspended, no Brian and Tezza, not suspendered, almost like I am looking down upon my life. Perhaps a sense of non reality......most unlike me to doubt myself, and this feeling has nothing to do with you Robert.

I put it down to working too many days in a row and not having a decent drink. It is the best way for me to make sense of things. I am going to tonight, in fact started already, so I can now write freely.

I haven't quite kept my blog up to its usual poor standard. Let me just write of some random events and thoughts. Sort of a blog catch up.

It all went wrong early in the week when I had to do what is known as a 'refresher course'. While it was not as bad as the same thing last year, I did actually learn something, even though it has no impact on work really. It was just interesting to me. Why I have to be taught how to do my job after doing it for 29 years, I am not sure, apart from my employer needing to spend a certain amount on training for each employee every year.

But truly, it was not so bad, and I caught up with an old workmate, Alistair, if you nosy types want to know, and we had a good giggle. Like when one person said that she found her work chair too hard, he said sotto voice and behind his hand said 'with an arse that size, I am surprised'. Such is gay humour. He used to be quite attractive, but has aged. I reckon I have aged better by a whisker, but then he is slimmer than me. Some skin types do better than others. Apart from a mention of the hotness of the boss of place we were in and what he was like when he was younger, we pretty well caught up on people known in the past and discussed our respective ailing parents.

Then there was the great public transport disaster of Thursday 7th of October, well my disaster with it. With some reflection, people put up with this every day. I just went into shock. But if I did, so would others and it not encouraging for people to use public transport. I have a vision that one day public transport will be a viable choice for the middle classes, and not just for your poor, your foreign, your young and your old.

I am also feeling some guilt about not doing enough, comparatively to my other siblings, in my step father's hour of need. Sister does not work and has been very good. Youngest brother has helped out a bit. Brain damaged brother Acquired brain injury brother moved home so Mum would not be alone. They are all so much closer distance wise. I will do what I have to financially at some point. Even the Bone Doctor stumped up $200 for a medical test that got him on the road to recovery much quicker.

ABI brother asked if he could stay last (Sat) night ages ago. We said yes, but we should have checked the details. Normally if he stays, he arrives late afternoon. This time he wanted to arrive at 8.00pm. We had subsequently arranged dinner out to celebrate my forthcoming birthday. After some negotiations, he agreed to arrive at 10 to collect the key and we were home by then. He then walked into the city after walking here from the station to meet up with his football umpiring mates at a place called the Men's Gallery!!! R tells me he arrived home at 2pm and he looked very rough. But he doesn't drink, so just tired. He had breakfast with us and headed off back to town to get the train home.

He was lucky we were here in the morning to make him breakfast as we were supposed to be up, up and away on our third time lucky balloon flight. Cancelled again due to increasing north wind. I suppose the flight will happen, but R is regretting the day he ever booked the flight for my birthday last year twelve months ago. I feel pretty bad about it, as I did nothing to book the flight until about Feb this year. This it what R tells me. It is my fault. The weather hasn't been good for the last three times we booked.

R has a Facebook account and my nephew is one of R's friends. I want to see where Nephew is staying in Paisley in Glasgow using Google Earth. I wrote on Nephew's wall via R's Facebook account with one of my yahoo addresses to respond and Nephew has not sent me an email. So what if his Facebook page says he is going to Glastonbury for some music festival? I thought he was broke. He must have already spent the £100 we gave him for his 21st, or it was stolen on a beach in Thailand. The gratitude of the young.

I have finally finished transferring every video tape to dvd with the $200 machine. This machine is in R's bedroom and is not appropriate for him in the future, mainly because it is not a digital receiver, so I must buy something that it appropriate for him, but be damned if I will buy him a Tivo.

I am happy that, with the help of an online forum, I have now mastered the Toppy, the Topfield digital recorder. By gum it is good, once you know how to work it.

My XTube account was deleted. I am kind of pleased and I can start afresh with a new profile. But I was quite happy to have over 700 X Tube friends. Truth be told, I was well pissed orf, as much because I don't know why I was deleted. I would guess some copywright, copywrite, (which is it, I forget), infringement, but I am not sure how I infringed. Since I was up at 4am for the balloon flight that did not happen and could not go back to sleep, I used the next couple of hours to get back some friends with a new identity for me. In 12 hours, I am up to 30 friends.

Work roster is changing next week and I am supposed to finish work at 11pm Saturday night and start at 6am Sunday morning. I don't want to work early the following week anyway, but although management has to fix up the problem of me having no sleep, it has made things very complicated for me.

While on work side of things, I believe the Highrise is hosting christmas this year. Fine with me, but who knows if or when I will be working. I used to know well in advance from employer, but new world now.

I only managed to rustle up seven friends for my birthday dinner at the local. Given we had all caught up for the late Dame M's birthday the week before, not surprising I suppose. We had to leave early to go home for ABI brother to arrive and go to bed early for the balloon flight that did happen.

Dyke friend and her girlfriend did a walk around Albert Park Lake this morning to raise money for a diabetes fundraiser. We could have done it too, if not balloon flight hanging over us.

Marathon run up St Kilda Road too. Too crabby to take much notice. Did see an ambo below treating someone. There are much nicer ways to suffer pleasure and pain.

I needed a light bulb for my bathroom and R wanted to see the new St Kilda Beach boardwalk. We combined the two into an outing. There are problems with the boardwalk, I think. We caught a packed tram to St Kilda, and along the board walk, there is no delineation between cyclists and pedestrians. I was initially appalled at this, but actually, it wasn't really a big problem for pedestrians as there were a lot of us. We rooled, ok? What happens when it a bit quieter? I am old man. I like lines painted on the walkway so I know where I should be and where cyclists should be.

Next morning now.

When we saw Little Jo last week, the third time she pulled my sunglasses from my shirt pocket, I firmly told he no. She ran to R and gave me the filthiest look. She forgot about it in a minute.

I am annoyed with myself as a blog mate asked me to find a critique of The Greens plan for Melbourne public transport and I did not bookmark the site and I cannot remember where I found it. Normally, I am very good a such matters.

I won't see R on my birthday as I will be at work.

The damn computer clock went back an hour on Saturday night. Why on earth would that happen? I can understand if it went forward as I avoid Bill's updates.

Right, better get stuck in and clean drips of wine, coffee, shoe polish and unidentifiable stains off the carpet that have accumulated over the last few weeks.

PS My Youtube account has been partly suspended for a month too, but at least I know why.


  1. Probably not the one you're looking for, but I rather enjoyed this critique of the The Green's "People Plan".
    this is kinda cute too.

  2. Funny - i had "refresher training" for work last week too. Not fun being talked to like a four year old who doesn't know the basics about their job. The after training drinks and shinanigans taught me more than the 8.30am - 5.30pm training days did....

  3. Copyright - so neither of your choices was correct!

  4. I have the feeling you're capable of much more than what you do for a living. And I think you know it yourself.

  5. Anonymous6:33 pm

    What on Earth are you doing to get banned from BOTH xtube and youtube? Copyright infringements only I hope. Are you a contributor to xtube in the home movie sense? Don't worry I won't go searching for ur videos if you are lol.

    My mate did the marathon and walked... sorry, limped into uni today, lol.

    And ur new workhours suck!

  6. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I've got my critique of The Greens' plans:

    Apparently it's only an interim plan and the full analysis won't take place until they're elected (clearly). In the meantime, they can offer the odd sapient critique of that red nosed ponce Sir Rod Eddington.

    As for Xtube, is better. I don't like membership for porn sites. Anonymity is the key.

    Gay humour? Impossible without the anatomical element correct?

  7. So much happening in all our lives Andrew, and I loved reading all of your happenings.
    I ought to be more avid with my blog too, and I think about it while I am out on my deadly-treadly-pedly, but by the time I get home with thekids from school, and from know, I am getting old too!
    Work has changed for me too. We have a new temporary Emergency Department, lots and lots of new things to get used to. Some people are allergic to change me thinks. I have taken time to get used to it, and well, it is ok now, I think (winks).
    Arrgh with the balloon flight! Hope you both get up up and away soon!

  8. Wow - that's a jam-packed post!

    (is your computer having a confused moment over daylight savings time?)

  9. Yep Altissima, saw them. I have started reading AnonLefty again. I rather like the idea of the Fisherman's Bend tram and I always thought a beach front tram would be good,and the linking of the two Park Street tram tracks.

    Got it now Victor. A wright to copy. Oh.

    Yeah TDW, there really were some sad sights. It is just a clash of old work times and new ones. But they suck regardless.

    The Greens are often accused of having pie in the sky policies Reuben, because they will never be elected. I have found this to be rare, the pie in the sky thing that is. I will have a look at Youporn......actually I may have in the past. You are not correct about gay humour, but it is based on the person perhaps.

    Don't know how you manage to keep it all together Cazzie. No one works harder than a working mum and wife.

  10. As usual, I missed someone, well two tonight.

    Agree about the after hours thing Deb. I tend to avoid after hours things with workmates, but on the odd occasion when I do, I find it enjoyable, interesting and stimulating.

    Maybe I am Robert, but doing what? Historian? When I was young, I wanted to be a Forestry Ranger. I have my regrets.

  11. And TDW, I didn't get 700 Xtube friends by not having content up there. I was copyright issue at Youtube, but I am not sure what I did wrong at Xtube.

  12. I think so Daisy, as this year the starting time for daylight saving has changed. No doubt had I downloaded Windows updates, all would have been well. I instead I just changed the clock manually last weekend. But given we put our clocks forward last weekend, why did the pc clock go back?

  13. It would be awfully cheeky to speculate on what's held you back. I'm not sure, and guesses cause trouble. But meanwhile the feeling I get that you've settled for a life below your abilities radiates from you yourself, and I agree with it.

  14. Anonymous4:40 pm

    I'm aware of that criticism, but what other alternative is there? Pro-road Labor? Inane Liberal? Their policies are just interim, short-term ones. I checked with them.

  15. "I feel I am a little suspended, no Brian and Tezza,"

    Aw shucks Shirl, we still luvs ya.

    I've been totally preoccupied with studying the form for the upcoming Spring Carnival so's I can give a few 50/1 winners to Coppertop so's to keep her in the Gold Pass Magnums dipped in Bombay Sapphire she'd like (but shouldn't) become accustomed to.

    ..and our Brian is probably equally preoccupied having a deep, meaningful and lascivious relationship with an ancient Lancastrian artefact. (He assures me that the earth moved for both himself and the aforementioned artefact.)

  16. RH, I am not ambitious, except for a nice place to live. I am also lazy. I never aim high, and so are seldom disappointed.

    I'll defer to your inner knowledge then Reuben.

    Don't give Coppertop a good tip Sedgwick. She will use the money to hire a mother assassin. Brian is about to demolish some poor old codger's house, so stay alert.

  17. In my early teens I lived a few years in a Salvation Army hostel: Lyndon Lodge, Auburn. Most of the kids had come from the Salvo boys home in Box Hill, transferred there at the age of fourteen to work in factories. It seems none of these Captains and Colonels ever dreamt we might want to become professors. I remember in particular one kid who had an astonishing talent for drawing, he could also dive backwards from the high board at Hawthorn pool, somersaulting down. Apart from that he was unremarkable, and even a bit 'slow'.
    I've seen waste. Brilliance down the drain. But that's the arrangement, the system needs an underclass and isn't fussy. The big chiefs: churchmen, politicians, and bankers, are criminals who never stand trial.

  18. Rh, you should have been Prime Minister.

    Never, never follow Sedgwick's tips for anything including taking the top of a beer bottle. The man is a walking disaster zone during the Cup Carnival. The only thing you can count on from him is aggravation and insolvency.

  19. I would accept being dictator, nothing less.

  20. Don't indulge him Jahteh, it will just make him worse. Does Sedgwick wear pretty hats on those important racing days?

    Bad word Robert, you overanalyse. Bad phrase Robert, you think too much. Why do you need to fight against everything, and yet don't productively fight like say Daniel Bowen? Even I, lazy as I am, have made some changes to the world. Your cheap shot about me being meant for better things, but because I am gay, I am held back was not unnoticed. It is my character, nothing to do with being a homosexual. Dearest Robert, you sure have had some interesting experiences and I am grateful for the colour that you have added to my blog. This is an old post now, and no one is reading it, apart from Jahteh who may come back and check, but I could have made a blog mate of someone who you dissed severely. RH may well become a persona non grata and you know something? I won't care because I have a real life outside this blog. Perhaps I will go back to reading books. Leave it with ya. Nice to have known you but. And don't even flatter yourself that you got under my skin. I feel cleansed now. Onward and upward.

  21. I could get my head on TV complaining about a dirty train carriage but my own pet if I had a blog would be the psychiatry racket in this state. I've been in a war with them for three years now while astounded at their hubris, jealousy, fear, and willingness to fight dirty: in other words, their ordinariness. Apart from academia-based know-alls and pop singers there is no other group so hungry to make a name for themselves. They deserve their own Australian Idol.
    If you're held back it's not because you're gay but because you make too big a thing of it: every attitude being a GAY MAN attitude, judgements likewise. At the same time I'm aware that many gay people don't ever want acceptance from the hetero majority, they enjoy the angst too much. Meanwhile one of my favourite people is Roland Rocchiccioli and I shouldn't have to mention that.

  22. If you don't want me commenting just say so.
    It's no bother to me, I'm easily moved on, in flight all the time.

  23. Comment all you like, just don't diss other commenters.

  24. He threatened me.

  25. So Robert? I expect he is all of twenty years old.

  26. If he's twenty I have to cop it?

    You're one-sided, take a look. Lucky you're not a magistrate by golly, I've no more to say.

  27. About the hokus pokus called religion, yes I am. Nothing new there. I am just astonished religion has survived, in all its forms, for so long.

    Reuben is a teenager, a smart one at that. I assume the commenter is a mate of his, so I assume he is of a similar age. You and I are how old? I don't know how old you are but I have a vague awareness of your age.

    I am disappointed that you chose to not argue the point, no matter how pointless it is, and chose to resort to bad language and insults.

    You know, that kinda thing can work with us older types, but don't get onto the kids with such. As troubled as you and I may be, it is not fair to force our bitterness onto the young.They have more than enough to worry how to pay our pensions.

  28. Speak for yourself, I'm never bitter, not troubled, don't get a pension. And I'm not interested in babysitting, why argue with kids, if that's what they are? No one likes a smart kid anyway.
    And you're fooling yourself. I was at St Ignatius today for a christening, a huge church and the place was packed. Several of the priests and about 15% of the congregation there are Vietnamese. There were also lots of italians, among others The child's parents were Lebanese. So maybe you don't get what these ceremonies mean to people? Come off it. I don't believe you. You'll get support from a tiny group: Brunswick Street Ostriches, who'll despise religion. But of course. And goodness me, how modern. Cutting edge, ha ha ha. Well this is the real hocus pocus, the emphemeral. Meanwhile I can list everything about them, these goats, right down to dress and cute little tattoos. Posing against religion feeds their hunger for attention, kiddie attention, it's theatre, that's all, but they're useless to you in the long run. Nothing's a threat to religion. Not even Marxism.